Covid-19 Update: Food as Medicine is Real So Get with It Now!!

Hello again friends:

 In my last blog post I went over how to de-flame with food. We all know that inflammation causes, perpetuates and aggravates every human condition or illness. And we know that a primary source of inflammation can be from food choices, more specifically processed and sugary ‘foods’. There is now adequate science demonstrating that processed food intake is harmful. (1) And in a recent blog I posted a link that revealed that along with this Covid pandemic we are fighting a pandemic of chronic disease that is responsible for the increased lethality of the pandemic, and it is largely driven by lifestyle choices. (3) What is inspiring to me is that we are starting to see the mainstream medical profession take an interest in this issue and advocating for policies that assist us out of this quagmire. (2)

First of all, they actually recognize the problems that these processed foods are causing:

“With COVID-19, we have not just been fighting a communicable disease alone but also a growing backdrop of non-communicable diseases (NCD’s: such as diabetes and obesity) that have needlessly raised the death toll” from Covid-19.

“Over a median follow-up of 19 years, individuals in the highest quartile of frequency of ultra-processed food intake (e.g., sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened beverages, sweetened milk, sausage or other reconstructed meats, sweetened cereals, confectionery, desserts) had a 31% higher risk of all-cause mortality, after adjusting for demographic and socio-economic confounders and health behaviors.” 

Secondly, they recommend some steps to take:

“We know that simple steps to provide more plant-based and nutritious foods can abort the path to heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions. As a nation we can avoid spending a fortune managing the complications of chronic conditions and can take simple steps, as our health system has done, and adopt an important viewpoint of “food as health” by providing subsidized access to nutritious food.”

Bottom Line: Friends don’t let friends or family members, or anyone consume things without letting them know these things can be very harmful. Everyone is free to eat whatever they want; however, they should be fully informed as to the consequences of their actions, which means that some of us might actually upgrade our lifestyle and food patterns to a healthier status if we knew better. So please share this information and stand up for real self-empowerment. I greatly appreciate your support and your efforts to improve your health. Thank you!




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