COVID-19 UPDATE: Fine Tuning

Hello again everyone:

As care givers get more experience with this virus, there are intriguing details emerging that may assist treatment and prevention. In this MEDPAGE TODAY article, you will learn about the discoveries of several types of COVID infection and that the lung changes can vary. This is helping to explain why ventilators may or may not work, depending on the type of lung problems. Part of it is due to micro-emboli (tiny clots) that block the lungs from exchanging air.

Bottom Line:

The good news is that this does not change any of our supportive and preventive measures that we previously outlined. The reason for this is that the nutritional supportive care has components that reduce the risk for blood clots. It is important to note that even with preventive prescription anti-coagulants, some cases of micro-emboli were not preventable. This points out the severity of this inflammatory ‘storm’ and how damaging and lethal it is possible to become…and how taking multiple plausible steps to reduce this ‘storm’ and its effects are reasonable and prudent.

There are no human trials to show that any prescription or supplement can effectively treat this virus, so it becomes of major importance to rationally upgrade your health in order to minimize your risk and support any care that you may need medically. So please read the previous 5 blogs about COVID 19 and keep up to date. If I learn ANYTHING new that I can pass on, I will. In this case, your best bet is through creating a strong defense and avoiding exposure. Stay well everyone!!

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