Covid-19 Update: Co-morbid? At Higher Risk? What About Exercise?

Hello again everyone:

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas week, and now on to 2021! Because this pandemic will last for an unspecified time into the near future, we are all still at risk for contracting this virus. Authorities have stated that there is no way to stop the spread of this virus, so here is a link to help us win this fight!

Here is what these authors had to say:

“Extensive research since the beginning of this pandemic has shown that patients with pre-existing comorbidities have a much higher risk of developing severe COVID-19. Severe disease is defined as infection resulting in hospitalization, admission to the intensive care unit, intubation or mechanical ventilation, or death.

Modifiable risk factors for severe COVID-19 include serious cardiovascular disease (heart failure, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathies), type 2 diabetes, and obesity (BMI ≥30).

 The U.S. has the highest prevalence of obesity compared with any other country in the world. 

 Even in those with existing obesity, exercise and weight loss helps to better control diabetes, heart failure, coronary heart disease, and chronic lung conditions such as COPD, all of which are risk factors for severe COVID-19. It is now more important than ever to focus on physical fitness and weight loss to prevent obesity.”

Bottom Line: It is still not too late, so start exercising, and to get started here is what a pulmonologist recommends:

“Not sure where to start? The American Heart Association and CDC recommend 150 minutes of physical activity per week. Physical activity is defined as anything that gets your body moving and increases your heart rate. The most convenient way to fit in 150 minutes is probably to divide the schedule into 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Only about one in five adults and teens get enough exercise to maintain good health and it is important to note that some physical activity is better than none. Those looking to lose weight may be able to take advantage of free online exercise programs that are specifically geared for home workouts/small group workouts and virtual exercise programs.”            Harsha Banavasi, MD, is a pulmonologist in Rome, Georgia.

Remember: These are tough times, unknown to most of us, and since we are all in this together, practicing kindness in our daily lives will be its own reward and make the world a better place! Kindness is a superpower!


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