COVID-19 UPDATE: Bee’s Offer Us An Additional Prevention Strategy

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Recently I was informed of a natural substance that has significant anti-viral, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and immune modulating effects that seem important, especially for the oral cavity (where viral infections enter/start). Bee propolis has a long history of assisting the health of the oral cavity, including teeth and gums and this is due to the multiple properties and abilities to improve healthy function and anti-infective capacity.

I highly encourage you to read the entire Science Direct citation above, and here is a section of the article to show what the research has to say:

Anti-viral activity of propolis: It is known that, propolis showed antiviral activity (Amoros et al., 1992aAmoros et al., 1992b), by inhibiting the virus entry into the cells, create disturbance in viral replication which cause destruction of RNA before or after its (RNA) release in the cells (Sforcin, 2016). Among other factors, propolis showed antiviral capability against genital herpes infection (HSV-2) (Kuropatnicki et al., 2013). Flavonoids which include kaempferol, acacetin, quercetin, galangin and chrysine were reported as a cytotoxic (Marcucci, 1995). Some other researcher reported a compound, separated from poplar propolis called 3-methyl-but-2-enyl caffeate inhibit titration and DNA synthesis of herpes simplex virus (type1) ex vivo. Another compound called isopentyl ferulated showed activity against influenza virus A1 Honey Kong (H3N2) ex vivo (Lotfy, 2006). Propolis showed antiviral activity against avian influenza virus, rift valley fever virus, newcastle disease virus, herpes bursal disease virus and influenza virus (El Hady and Hegazi, 2002).

PS: Three things to notice from this article: One is that it relates to RNA viruses, which is what the flu and corona viruses are. Secondly, that this is a relatively new paper from November of 2019 which makes it up-to date and more relevant. And lastly, this is a review paper and not original research…and this means that it is not proof that propolis kills COVID-19…yet it does offer a plausible and reasonable addition to our armamentarium in this battle.

Bottom Line: It is important to again reiterate and clarify that there are no human trials of propolis against COVID-19, and that I am not recommending this as a treatment as there are still no known effective treatments available. This fact makes it critical to understand the place propolis and other natural supportive measures hold in building health resiliency and possible prevention, which can make the use of bee propolis a unique and additional part of your COVID-19 overall strategy. This is why I have done some research on bee propolis products and now offer a throat/oral spray in both adult and children’s strength. It is pleasant tasting (to me) and I use 4 sprays twice a day for improving my oral health and resiliency.

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