Covid-19 & Health Update: Wheat Sensitivity and Immune Health

Hello again Everyone and Happy Fall:

 As you may know, we are all in a war with inflammation and infection. A major cause of unidentified food sensitivities that leads to gut inflammation can also potentially create nutritional deficiencies critical to maintaining optimal immune function. Standard methods of detecting gluten induced gut damage (endoscopy…a scope to look down into the intestines) fail to detect wheat sensitivity, and thus the authors suggest that using a withdrawal method might still be the best way to identify hidden food sensitivities. (1) You may have seen my previous blogs on the Modified Elimination Diet, also known as Whole 30 and other iterations. Fundamentally, you simply remove the most common inflammatory foods from your diet for at least 3o days (I find that 120 days is much better) and then re-introduce the food and note any symptoms. You can find more about this on my website under Resources and look for the Elimination Diet Plans.

As it turns out, even low-grade inflammation will negatively affect our digestion and may result in malabsorption of critical nutrients. (2) This may happen with or without obvious symptoms. For example, malabsorption of the essential mineral zinc can have very bad effects on many systems, especially the immune system. In these pandemic times, none of us can afford to have a sub-optimal immune system. (3)

Bottom Line:

If you want to optimize your health, consider going on the Elimination Diet for 90 to 120 days. This is the most recommended program that I use to help people overcome chronic inflammation. If you don’t create an optimal, anti-inflammatory food plan, no amount of supplements or exercise will overcome the inflammation you create. Thus, you may benefit from this if you have any chronic, nagging health issues (large or small) that you would like to see improve. You can find out more about this approach at link numbers 4 through 6 below.

Right now, in this evolving pandemic, it is even more urgent to address a new model for post-pandemic wellness that emphasizes our individual and collective responsibility to actively take care of our own health and wellness to secure a safer and brighter future. It is certainly more than worthy of the investment in your time. In case you are not aware of this, poor diet is the leading driver of death in our country.


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