Covid-19 & Health Update: Once Again Plastics In Our Food Makes News

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Plastics in our foods continues to make news. Only about 10 years ago, those of us that tried to warn everyone about this risk were laughed at. Now, scientists are taking a second look and issuing warnings too. Take a look:

“Endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to a variety of health problems are abundant in fast foods sold in the United States, such as chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and cheese pizza, new research suggests.

The first-of-its-kind study, which measured concentrations of chemicals such as phthalates in foods and gloves from US fast food chains, is also the first to detect the plasticizer DEHT in fast foods.

 A class of chemicals used in food packaging and food processing equipment, phthalates such as DEHP and DnBP, can leach out of these items and interfere with hormone production, Edwards said. They are linked with a wide variety of reproductive, developmental, brain, and immune effects, as well as with childhood obesityasthma, cancer, and cardiovascular problems.

 Overall, fast food samples containing meat — including chicken nuggets, chicken burritos, and hamburgers — contained higher levels of these chemicals, Edwards noted.

“We know fast food is not the most nutritious, and now we’re seeing these chemicals in it we shouldn’t be exposed to,” she said.

Bottom Line:

Do your absolute best to avoid plastics by avoiding fast foods; check your personal care products and cleaning products at; do not store or heat anything in plastic; do not drink through plastic lids or from plastic cups; etc. Do a little research to fill yourself in on what to do and it will assist your efforts at a clean and optimal lifestyle. Please notice that the articles you will find do talk about how these chemicals alter the immune system, potentially making it important to avoid them NOW during this pandemic.

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