Covid-19 & Health Update: It is Still About Inflammation & Comorbidities

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You probably know that over 90% of the deaths related to Covid-19 are among those with the most comorbidities. You also probably know that we are having an ongoing pandemic of chronic disease as well as Covid-19. And furthermore, you probably also know that both of these pandemics are fueled by inflammation, i.e., chronic diseases such as heart disease, pre-diabetes, obesity, overweight, brain fog and dementia, fatigue and infectious disease are associated with chronic low-grade inflammation. Here is a great paper to help summarize this information along with what we can do about it. It is well written, and you do not need a science background to get this important information. Along with standard medical care, incorporating an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can significantly reduce the risks of these issues. Here are some selected quotes:

“Anti-inflammatory effects of exercise are well established. Data from observational studies indicate that increased physical activity and/or cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with lower risk of elevated inflammatory markers.

Comprehensive lifestyle interventions involving both exercise and diet have been shown to reduce markers of inflammation.

Postprandial (after we eat) hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hypertriglyceridemia (high blood fats) appear to be pro-inflammatory, with the peak postprandial inflammatory response occurring approximately 4 hours after ingestion of the meal.

 This postprandial pro-inflammatory response is added to the low-grade inflammation associated with obesity, poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle. The quality of the meal, rather than the calorie content, appears to be the most important. A 900-kcal high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal…produced a significant inflammatory response, but a calorically equivalent American Heart Associate-recommended meal rich in fiber and fruit produced no postprandial inflammatory response.

Even modest changes in exercise and diet can produce favorable long-term changes in biomarkers of inflammation.”

Bottom Line:
A combination of lifestyle factors can reduce your burden of chronic low-grade inflammation and significantly lower your risk of developing poor health from almost any cause. Eat Right, Move Right, Think Right and help your body produce an optimally healthy state. The study shows that these upgrades do not have to be perfect as there are significant reductions in inflammation even without normalizing body mass index…thus it is critical to improve your chronic inflammatory burden to reduce risk and increase health resiliency no matter where you are at right now. As Nike says, ‘Just Do It!’



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