Covid-19 & Health Update: Get Ready!!!

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Here is a sample of this week’s headlines:

Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Omicron

The Pandemic of the Vaccinated is Here

New Omicron Studies Help Explain Why the Variant is Mild but Spreads Fast

Omicron Cases are Exploding

 “Economist Frederik Plesner Lyngse of the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Statens Serum Institute and his colleagues found that in households with a Delta outbreak, the unvaccinated were twice as likely to be infected by a household member as those who were fully vaccinated. In households struck by Omicron, unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people had roughly equal chances of catching the virus.”

Bottom Line: The U.S. has approximately 73% of the population noted as being fully vaccinated. But as the article above notes, whether you are vaccinated or not, you are still at risk and thus as the pandemic continues the Omicron variant has made it pretty obvious that it remains everyone’s problem. This means that no matter what your status (recovered from Covid, vaccinated, boosted or unvaccinated) you should take those steps to reduce your risk by improving your overall health status.

Just January 2nd, I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and my primary care doctor confirmed that the Omicron variant is the dominant form in our area.  I have been preparing to receive this possible diagnosis for nearly 2 years, doing everything I could to reduce both the risk and possible severity of disease. It still kicked my butt. It was 8 days ago the sore throat started and just today was my first day without fever…and I did literally everything I could to beat it back.

So, take this seriously, get ready and be prepared. In just last week’s blog it was noted that “…the elephant in the room is that the baseline general health in many western populations were already in a horrendous state to begin with.” Meaning that the severity of the pandemic in our country and others is primarily driven by our overall lack of health. Please consider that in addition to standard medical care it might be wise of all of us to step up our lifestyle factors such as eating clean, making sure your zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Quercetin and NAC are topped up, getting rest, getting your exercise, dumping the stress…then perhaps you can have a mild case because some will argue that “Vaccinated or not, everyone is likely to get COVID-19 at some point, many experts say and  “The idea that we’re going to live our lives without ever getting it is a fantasy — and a dangerous one,’ says one epidemiologist.

All the tools are on the table, from vaccines to vitamins… so take good care and consider them all and use this pandemic as the launch pad for your health optimization in 2022!

PS: as of now, there is no solid evidence stating that either natural immunity or vaccination/booster acquired immunity will protect against Omicron…check out this paper from Harvard: “Thus, Omicron is expected to infect many more individuals at low risk for severe outcomes due to prior immunity…”


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