Covid-19 & Health Update: Food to Optimize Health

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You may wonder why the focus on diet and inflammation, and the link is that almost all inflammation is produced and/or managed through the immune system. Thus, if we are inflamed, our immune system is out of balance and predisposes us t not only the development of chronic diseases and conditions, but it also hampers our ability to fight infections of all types. This is why many people with chronic low-grade inflammation do not do well during this pandemic. It is the same as saying that those with comorbidities have chronic low or higher-grade inflammation which makes them more vulnerable to damage or illness related to stress, trauma and/or infection. In other words, what we eat can make or break our health. Here is some of the science:

“In conclusion, Med-Diets (Mediterranean Dietary patterns) supplemented with VOO (virgin olive oil) or nuts reduce the potency of CVD (cardiovascular disease…the leading cause of death and co-morbidities) risk factors and down-regulate cellular and humoral inflammatory pathways related to atherosclerosis. That these beneficial effects are observed in older subjects at high risk of CVD suggests that is it never too late to change dietary habits to improve health status.” 

 Bottom Line:

 The immune based inflammatory pathways that create CVD and arterial disease are the same ones that create, aggravate and/or perpetuate virtually every other health issue we as humans face. This includes both non-communicable diseases as well as communicable diseases. My hope in presenting this information is that you will invest a small bit of time into reviewing your food plan and making whatever upgrades are needed. I do understand that food can have emotional, cultural and family links that can make it difficult to make a shift…it all depends on what is valuable to you.

To me, it is of very high value to be aware of how my lifestyle will contribute to my overall health and wellbeing. Like many of us, I realized my genetics and tendencies are inherited, and as I watched my parents and loved ones deteriorate from some health condition(s), I certainly did not want my genes to express illness like they were doing. Plus, we know that it is primarily environmental factors that control gene expression and health, and these environmental factors are primarily what we eat, how we handle stress, and how well we move our bodies. To optimize gene expression, we must optimize what we eat, how we think and how we move. I truly hope this information is valuable to you and assists you in supporting your health goals. Optimal health only comes from optimal EAT, THINK & DO, there is no other way.

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