Covid-10 & Health Information: Updates on Sleep, Belly Fat and Alcohol

Hello everyone:

 I got a lot of feedback regarding my last blogs on sleep and alcohol, so just to give some pushback to the pushback I received, I want to share these two articles with you. Here are the fundamentals:

Even very light alcohol intake is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease compared with not drinking at all, and the risk increases exponentially as alcohol intake rises, even at moderate levels, a new study shows.

A controlled study of sleep-deprived young adults has provided the first causal evidence linking the lack of sleep to abdominal obesity and harmful visceral, or “belly” fat.

Bottom Line:

 In a previous blog we covered how altered sleep patterns caused elevations of stress hormones, insulin, testosterone and estrogen, lowered melatonin, increased inflammation, destroyed mood, and damaged immune function. Here they show that it also results in obesity which causes and aggravates of all the above I just listed and more. So please go back to that blog and get a few tips on upgrading your sleep.

We also recently went over how no amount of alcohol was found beneficial to our health. To those who have expressed dismay about that, it would be a practical approach to this issue to go alcohol free until you reach your health goals, and if you absolutely must, re-introduce very small amounts infrequently…for example, one to two beers or one 4 oz. glass of wine once or twice a week. Please do not re-establish the lifestyle patterns that may have gotten you into the health crisis you originally sought assistance for.

Just make sure your sleep and alcohol patterns are congruent with your health goals. If you want to lose your health gradually or rapidly, then all you need to do is not get adequate sleep and drink some alcohol regularly among other things. A helpful way to look at this issue is the way a dentist looks at brushing and flossing daily. When asked, when can I quit brushing and flossing, the dentists reply is that you can stop whenever you want to lose your teeth and health. So…ask yourself the following questions:

  • When can I get less sleep?
  • When can I have alcohol?
    When can I eat processed and chemically treated foods?
  • When is it Ok to eat drive-thru ‘food’?
  • When can I go back to sugar and other bad carbs?
  • When can I stop exercising?
  • When can I stop praying?

The answer to all those questions is the same and it is that you can do those things whenever you want to lose your health or suffer. Why not make the commitment to go all in for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and see what happens? Put together a plan to upgrade each of those aspects of your life, take it one step at a time and go at a pace that does not overwhelm you…you will surely find some success that will be very gratifying.

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