Children and Chronic Disease? Worse Than You Might Think!



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I found this information particularly disturbing for many obvious reasons. Why on earth would a child have a chronic condition? Let’s dig in:

Over the last century, the primary burden of disease in children and young people has shifted from infectious diseases towards chronic conditions.1 Improvements in neonatal and pediatric care for chronic conditions mean more children with previously lethal conditions are now surviving into adulthood.2 3 Depending on the definition used, 13–27% of children are affected by chronic conditions.4

The most natural question is: where is this coming from??? The answer, at least it seems this way to me, is food. Did you know that the leading cause of death and disability is food, also known as ‘dietary risks’? Check out this graph from the link below:

Bottom Line: Investing in high quality foods is one of the best preventative medicine activities that you can practice for yourself and your family.  Sugar is not a treat, processed foods are not good for us, sodas are not health promoting, fried stuff is not health promoting, etc. Chronic conditions require multiple drivers of inflammation to persist and be perpetuated…food is the primary driver of many chronic health problems, and it is the easiest to fix as it is completely in your control!

Go to a natural, whole foods, organic diet and watch the miracles happen! What could it hurt? We all have a lot to gain from going back to a whole foods dietary plan, plus what foods are good for us turn out to be good for the planet in the long term.

Don’t know where to start? Simply drop all processed foods and go to the Mediterranean style plant-based food plans. For example, here are two links to 2 cookbooks:







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