Brain Death Diet Antidote: Gratitude

Hello again one and all:

This time of year is particularly dedicated to giving thanks and expressing gratitude. It turns out that receiving and expressing gratitude can have surprising positive health benefits.

“This study examines the influence of gratitude on physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. First, we describe what gratitude is and review the most representative psychological studies dealing with gratitude, focusing on the implications of gratitude for health…… The present study shows that an increase in the feeling of and disposition towards gratitude can favor well-being and personal health.”

Bottom Line: By making a habit of expressing gratitude we can uplift ourselves, and our entire social network. A great way to develop the gratitude habit is with a simple gratitude journal. The following article is definitely worth reading, as it will help you to create your own unique and effective gratitude journal. There is no ‘correct’ way to journal, but there is ‘your’ way…in this article there are some important tips to make your efforts an easy success with research-based tips for reaping the greatest psychological rewards from your gratitude journal. As a hint, once a week is adequate!

Personally, I find a gratitude journal a great stress reliever as it assists me to keep a perspective that gets my focus away from looking at things from only the stressful point of view. The habit of writing in a gratitude journal can spread to our daily life as it can create a reflex way of viewing what’s going on. There is an old saying: “There are no obstacles on the path…the obstacles are the path.”

To illustrate that thought, for example, when thinking about things from a gratitude perspective, I have found it useful to think back to where some present annoyance came from, and where it might actually lead me. If often happens that what may appear as annoying or irritating initially eventually ends up offering some type of benefit, thus it helps me look at all of life’s events as positive steps on the path. This usually ends up filling me with gratitude and relaxing my body, mind and spirit. Truly a great stress reliever, which is uplifting and helps keep life balanced.

We wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and thank you for your trust and support: we are very grateful to be able to serve your natural health care needs.

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