I was struggling with depression, lack of motivation…

When I first sought help from Dr. Smith in the fall of 2014, I was struggling with depression, lack of motivation, restless legs, poor sleep and binge eating. But I wasn’t seeking his help for any of those things – I was simply “trying out” a chiropractor for the first time for some minor back pain.

Through Dr. Smith’s comprehensive approach to my health I have experienced dramatic improvement in the above-listed areas of my life and so much more. I had no idea how interconnected my diet, physical movement and emotional outlook was with my brain health, and how essential my brain health was to my overall health and well-being. I was like a complex ball of jumbled threads, and with the help of Dr. Smith, I have been able to successfully follow many of those tangled threads to their source. What I see emerging as a result is a beautiful pattern of physical, emotional and mental health that is motivated from the inside and sustainable moving forward.

Beth Kinghorn (used with permission)

I’ve struggled with health issues and obesity for most of my life…..

My name is Erin and I’m 36 years old.  I’ve struggled with health issues and obesity for most of my life.  One day while volunteering at the Red Cross, a woman put Dr. Smith’s business card on my desk.  She told me that he changed her life and not to call unless I’m ready to change mine!  It took me three months to make the call but when I did I had renewed hope!

I suffer from debilitating endometriosis and my only Western Medicine options are now very invasive surgeries.  The pain is so bad that narcotics don’t even help.  I have done extensive research over the years and felt hopeless until meeting with Dr. Smith.  Dr. Smith put me totally in remission for two years with no pain at all, by putting together a treatment plan and supplement regimen for me.

When my endometriosis flared back up this summer, I told myself that “if I’m just patient, he (Dr. Smith) can do it again.”  Now three months later, Dr. Smith never gave up on me or my disease.  I can confidently say that I’m about 80% out of pain!  No drugs.  No hormones.  No surgeries.  All natural.

If you invest in Dr. Smith, then he’ll invest in you.  It takes “teamwork.”  There aren’t enough words to express how thankful I am that I finally made the call to Dr. Smith’s office over three years ago!  From the pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful front office staff to the passion that Dr. Smith has for helping people…..I feel thankful.

If you are struggling in your life, Dr. Smith can guide you to renewed health.  Just give him a chance by investing in your life.  He gave me back my life!

I was able to avoid a very serious surgery…..

My name is Randy and I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia and blepharospasm.  I had to quit working, which resulted in loss of income.  I couldn’t drive so my wife had to take time off work to take me to various doctor appointments.  I couldn’t go boating or fishing, and wasn’t able to ride my motorcycle.

I had been to three different Neurologists; prescribed various medications and had Botox injections with no improvement in my condition.  I was referred to a Neurosurgeon to discuss Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery, which seemed to be the only option.  That’s when I heard about Dr. Smith!

Dr. Smith developed a treatment plan, including all natural supplements and neurological exercises.  He also referred me to his in-house Neurofeedback Therapy Program.  After two weeks of treatment with Dr. Smith and Lynn Lennon, RN/Neurofeedback Technician, the Neurosurgeon refused to do the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery because of the progress I had made!

Thanks to Dr. Smith, Lynn Lennon and the entire staff I am able to drive, ride my motorcycle short distances and I’m back to boating and fishing again!

I highly recommend Dr. Smith and his team to anyone and everyone!  They are all friendly and supportive and I’m thankful to have found them!

Three years of pain…..

I had pain in the C5/C6 region and had been told by two surgeons that I needed surgery.  I had also been seeing other chiropractors over the years, none of which could remedy the pain.

After three years of pain, I found myself unable to do some basic things and spent a lot of time resting in a recliner.  Having four children, it really affected my time and abilities.  A friend referred me to Dr. Smith and that’s when the changes in my overall health began!

While other chiropractors were good, they did not have the nutritional and supplement components that work along with the chiropractic adjustments.  Now I see Dr. Smith occasionally to stay aligned but the overall pain level has gone from a 9-10 down to barely a 2.  Most importantly, no surgery!

I have referred many friends and family members to Dr. Smith and I will continue to do so!

Donna R.

I’ve been overweight most of my life…
I started seeing Dr. Smith May 2013 to get healthy and repair my body, which was severely in need of help. I’ve been overweight most of my life and struggled with depression. After a few months of seeing Dr. Smith, my family said that I “was back.” I lost 50 pounds! My depression is under control, and my endometriosis pain is much better. In all, I feel like a new person!

I experienced hip pain digestive issues…
I started seeing Dr. Smith because I was experiencing hip pain as well as digestive issues. At times, it hurt to walk or do any sort of exercise. Simply standing or sitting was painful, and this pain affected my mood which caused issues in all aspects of my life and well being. I have never experienced immediate results from any doctor before.

Thank you, Richmond Chiropractic Neurology…
Just wanted to thank all the folks at Richmond Chiropractic Neurology for their unique way of treating and connecting with the “whole person”! In today’s world of modern technology and automation sometimes western medicine tends to overlook that there is a person who owns the “body” being poked, proded and tested. Not so at this practice!

I wanted to take better care of myself…
I was under immense stress. I started out bringing my husband to see Dr. Smith for a traumatic brain injury but thought that I wanted Dr. Smith to be my primary doctor as well. I wanted to take better care of myself. I’m so glad I followed through. Stress can kill and I didn’t want to go that direction.

No explanation for fatigue, weight gain, etc…
I had been from doctor to doctor and no explanation for fatigue, weight gain, endometriosis, depression and anxiety. I am overweight, sluggish and struggling with my second bout of endometriosis. I was sick of burdening my family and friends with all my “conditions.” I wasn’t fully functional. Since being treated by Dr. Smith, I’ve lost 25 pounds in a little over a month and my energy is much better now than it used to be!

Stress was a big problem…
I came for my husband’s health first, then I wanted to come for myself. Stress has been my biggest problem. I feel like I have a person in this world who really cares about my health.  Dr. Smith listens to me and I believe he really wants to help. He has the biggest heart!!
I was in severe pain…
I was in severe pain and had difficulty sitting. The pain was primarily in my back and neck. Dr. Smith has helped greatly. The chiropractic manipulations and manual therapy have kept me from having to have back surgery!

I suffered from chronic headaches…
When I first started seeing Dr. Smith, I suffered from chronic headaches. I didn’t want to socialize, and it was hard to work through the pain. I am greatly improved since seeing Dr. Smith! My headaches are gone and I have more energy!

My son was diagnosed with Autism…
My youngest son, Alex, had been diagnosed with Autism. I was told that Autism was one of Dr. Smith’s specialties so my wife and I scheduled an appointment for Alex. That was in 2010 and Alex has been treating with Dr. Smith ever since.

Pain relief since August 2007…
Prior to regular visits to Dr. Smith, everything was negatively impacted. My stress level was high, and patience low. My sex drive was gone, and I was always emotional.

I suffered back and shoulder pain…
I am feeling 100% better after treating with Dr. Smith for back and shoulder pain. The pain affected my sleep, which has greatly improved as well.

Chronic neck and right arm pain, and fatigue led me to Dr. Smith
I’ve been treated by Dr. Smith since December 2012. I suffered chronic pain in my neck and right arm. The pain limited some physical activities as well as my ability to sleep well. While it has been a short time, the pain has been less and less. It is not as chronic as before, and I am able to rest better. I feel better in general, and have more energy.

Health has improved a lot…
I started seeing Dr. Smith in 2006 for back problems.  Since that time, I have improved a lot. I no longer have back pain or problems with my back!

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