Health Update: Diets Found to Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

Hello everyone:

Here is some good news showing that those that followed a Mediterranean or MIND diet pattern had healthier brains. Specifically, they stated that these food patterns can result in a significant delay in the onset of cognitive decline:

“Conclusion: The MIND and Mediterranean diets are associated with less postmortem AD pathology, primarily beta-amyloid load. Among dietary components, green leafy vegetables inversely correlate with AD pathology.”

Bottom Line:

 It is now well known that there are multiple drivers of cognitive decline and dementia. It turns out that food choices are one of the most important risk factors. Commenting on this study from Medscape:

“Although similar, the Mediterranean diet recommends vegetables, fruit, and three or more servings of fish per week, whereas the MIND diet prioritizes green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, and collard greens, along with other vegetables. The MIND diet also prioritizes berries over other fruit and recommends one or more servings of fish per week. Both diets recommend small amounts of wine (which I think is a horrible idea if you have ANY type of fog, blood sugar issues, or a family member has dementia! Dr. S.)”

So, you can eat to beat dementia as part of an overall health strategy to live an optimal healthspan that is within a year of your lifespan. For more on the MIND diet, take a look at this link:



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