Health Update: Ultra-processed Foods Kill 678,000 U.S. Citizens Each Year!                       

Hello everyone: You simply need to read this article and if you need to make changes then do so now. Here are some truly awful facts: “About 678,000 Americans die each year from chronic food illness. That toll is higher than all our combat deaths in every war in American history—combined. That’s right: there are more deaths each year from our food than all the combat deaths from the Revolutionary War through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.” “In addition to deaths, poor diet causes tremendous suffering. For instance, two-thirds of severe COVID cases resulting in hospitalization have been attributed to ... Read more

Health Update: Diets Found to Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

Hello everyone: Here is some good news showing that those that followed a Mediterranean or MIND diet pattern had healthier brains. Specifically, they stated that these food patterns can result in a significant delay in the onset of cognitive decline: “Conclusion: The MIND and Mediterranean diets are associated with less postmortem AD pathology, primarily beta-amyloid load. Among dietary components, green leafy vegetables inversely correlate with AD pathology.” Bottom Line:  It is now well known that there are multiple drivers of cognitive decline and dementia. It turns out that food choices are one of the most important risk factors. Commenting on this study from ... Read more

Health Update: This News Should Scare You

Hello again friends: Here is some grim news that is relevant to way too many of us. The first link shows the scope of the problem, and the second link gives you an idea about why it is so critical that we fix our food choices. Global study predicts that more than half the global population will be living with overweight and obesity within 12 years if prevention, treatment, and support do not improve.

  • The World Obesity Atlas 2023, published by World Obesity Federation, predicts that the global economic impact of overweight and obesity will reach $4.32 trillion annually by 2035 if prevention and treatment measures do not improve. At almost 3% of global GDP, this is comparable with the impact of COVID-19 in 2020.
  • The majority of the global population (51%, or over 4 billion people) will be living with either overweight ... Read more

Health Update: Forever Chemicals Damage Children

Hello again everyone:  This news is frightening, but at least we can do something about it. The news is that there is a class of chemicals called Forever Chemicals because they do not degrade much at all and seem to last forever. They have been found to significantly harm us and they have also been found everywhere and in everyone (99% of us!). You need to keep them out of your immediate environment. This quote from Medscape sums it up: “Exposure to "forever chemicals" widely used in consumer products disrupts important biological processes in children and young adults, a new study says. One key finding was that per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, hurt thyroid hormone function, which affects growth and metabolism, said the study published in Environmental Health Perspectives. That could leave children vulnerable to numerous diseases later in life, ... Read more

Health Update: Toxic Shock… You Really Need to Read This!

Hello everyone: Please take a few minutes to read this link about toxic exposures. Most of the country does not pay attention to this and it, unfortunately, seriously undermines our health and environment. One of the primary promoters of inflammation that drives chronic disease is toxic chemicals that we all are exposed to daily. If you have a chronic health condition, then you are inflamed, and you will benefit from learning about toxic chemicals and how to reduce your exposure. “If the pandemic served as a window into our health, what it revealed was a US population that is not only sick but also seemingly only getting sicker. Life expectancy is falling precipitously. Three fourths of ... Read more

Health Update: Stress and Brain Inflammation = Fog

Hello again everyone: Thank you for reading our posts we really appreciate you! Here is some super interesting data on how stress leads to brain inflammation which leads to fog and other brain symptoms like anxiety. This relates to the Covid era where lockdowns and stress have been highly elevated and why even non-infected individuals are experiencing mental health challenges. Here is why the authors did this study: “While COVID-19 research has seen an explosion in the literature, the impact of pandemic-related societal and lifestyle disruptions on brain health among the uninfected remains underexplored. However, a global increase in the prevalence of fatigue, brain fog, depression and other “sickness behavior”-like symptoms implicate a possible dysregulation in neuroimmune mechanisms even among those never infected by the virus.” “This study provides ... Read more

Health Update: Diet, Health & Premature Death

Hey there everyone: Here is a compelling study that reveals healthy eating patterns improve health and lower your risk of chronic disease. While that is not too surprising, what is surprising is that the majority of us are NOT healthy. Recent data reveals that only around 1 in 15 adults are cardio-metabolically fit, and that the average healthspan is 16 years less than our lifespan. This means that only about 5 people out of every 100 Americans are living an optimally healthy life…yet the data clearly shows why: what we are eating is killing us. We are suffering way more than is needed just because we are not eating well…it may be tasty, but it is killing us fast. Here are some take-aways from this study:

  • Unhealthy eating habits are among the leading causes of early death around the world.
  • Harvard researchers have recently found that a variety of ... Read more

Health Update: When It Comes To Your Health…Move It or Lose It!

Hello everyone : This information is basic and simple, plus it is easy to fix, plus my bet is that you already know this. Read what the authors have to say and if you do something about it, you can add years of health to your life and life to your years: “The pandemic of physical inactivity is associated with a range of chronic diseases and early deaths. Despite the well documented disease burden, the economic burden of physical inactivity remains unquantified at the global level. A better understanding of the economic burden could help to inform resource prioritization and motivate efforts to increase levels of physical activity worldwide.”  “In addition to morbidity and premature mortality, physical inactivity is responsible for a substantial economic burden. This paper provides further justification to prioritize promotion of ... Read more

Health Update: Brain Levels of Vitamin D Ward Off Dementia

Hello everyone: Here is some great news about brain health and aging. There is growing evidence for how your body relies on vitamin D to ward off inflammationRead more

Health Update: Time Restricted Eating Lowers Fat Gain

Hello everyone : Here is some news about the metabolic mechanisms related to time restricted eating, also called intermittent fasting, can lead to better fat metabolism. Misalignment of feeding rhythms with the light-dark cycle leads to disrupted peripheral circadian clocks and obesity… Circadian control of adipocyte creatine metabolism underlies the timing of diet-induced thermogenesis, and enhancement of adipocyte circadian rhythms through overexpression of the clock activator brain and muscle Arnt-like protein-1 (BMAL1) ameliorated metabolic complications during diet-induced obesity. These findings uncover rhythmic creatine-mediated thermogenesis as an essential mechanism that drives metabolic benefits during time-restricted feeding.”  “Such thermogenesis (fat burning) depended on the circadian clock of adipocytes and ... Read more