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Why We Do What We Do

aboutusimage1Most people do not know that neurologic disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide and are a major component of chronic health challenges of all types.

Despite this fact, standard medical practices almost never evaluate your brain health at any stage of your life UNTIL you begin to develop symptoms. In today’s health care world, it is the one area of our health that is virtually ignored when it comes to being examined even though the methods and means exist to do this. Read more.

In the area of brain health, pharmaceutical research is coming up relatively empty, yet it is acknowledged that this area of our health is incredibly responsive to preventive health measures by specific lifestyle upgrades and brain friendly therapies, especially when these upgrades are tailored to your individual needs. Many studies published in the past decade or so strongly suggest that certain functional brain based therapies and lifestyle choices could be far more effective than pharmacological interventions, and this is because chronic health challenges rarely have a single cause. This is why a comprehensive approach to functional health restoration is necessary. Because the brain controls, coordinates, regulates and activates every single function of the body and is the single most important organ in regulating health, we start with figuring out how your brain is working. Read less

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Conditions we see at Richmond Chiropractic Neurology include:
Injury recovery
Chronic Pain
Vertigo and dizziness
Movement disorders
Balance disorders
Peripheral neuropathies
Stroke rehabilitation
Brain fog
Difficulty sleeping
Tourette Syndrome
Sensory integration disorder
Learning disabilities
Poor focus
Lack of concentration
Fine/gross motor skill delay
Auditory processing disorder
Speech delays
Oppositional defiant disorder
Post-partum depression
Menopausal depression
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Panic disorders
Memory loss
Memory lapses
Decreased creativity
Increased difficulty calculating numbers
Slow mental response
Difficulty recognizing faces



Our Services

services and testing offered vary from person to person and are based on your history, condition, presenting health, functional neurologic findings, previous laboratory findings and clinical goals.

  • Brain based rehabilitation including: visual, auditory, olfactory, proprioceptive, vestibular and cognitive therapies
  • Routine and functional lab testing
  • Neuro-cognitive evaluations (standardized testing of cognitive functions)
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Heart Math (Heart rate variability autonomic stress reduction therapy)
  • Hormone testing (male, female, adrenal)
  • Food allergy and sensitivity testing
  • Gut health testing (intestinal permeability/malabsorption, digestion, GI infections)
  • Specialized immune testing
  • Corrective/Functional exercise protocols
  • Chiropractic adjustments (unilateral, utilizing low force techniques when they are appropriate)
  • Applied Kinesiology testing and evaluations
  • Computerized dynamic posturography and balance rehab
  • Body composition analysis
  • Nutritional programs for optimal health
  • Medical referral as required


We provide individualized custom care.

Meet Our Staff

drsmithDr. Smith, DC, DABCN, FACFN
Mark S. Smith, DC, DACNB, FACFN is a leading functional neurology practitioner in the Richmond, Virginia area. He practices in Midlothian, Virginia on the South side of Richmond, with many of his patients coming from around the region to be treated for neurodegenerative and neuro- immunological disorders, trauma, as well as disorders of movement, balance, and development. He began practice in 1977 and has never stopped advancing his knowledge in the fields of physical medicine, neurology, biochemistry and rehabilitation. Read Less
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SonjaSonja Stoeckli
Born in Switzerland, Sonja was introduced to yoga nearly 40 years ago on a visit to England. Inspired, she found a deeper awareness for life and started her own yoga practice several years later. A student of many inspirational teachers who instilled in her the love of different aspects of yoga, she experienced a deeper compassion a belief in herself for the first time in her life. She found a doorway to her soul that opened the love and strength in her body to become an inspirational teacher herself. In her vinyasa flow classes Sonja’s intention is to both challenge and guide her students, encouraging flexibility, strength and alignment in their bodies and in all aspects of their yoga practice. Her goal is to support her students on their own journeys towards peace, acceptance, compassion, contentment and a deeper awareness, connecting body, mind and spirit.
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debbieDebbie Nicely
Office Manager
Been with Dr. Smith since 2011

cathyCathy Griffith
Office Administrator
Been with Dr. Smith since 2011

lisaLisa Zimmerman
Lisa became a Gerontologist with the goal of helping older adults experience optimal aging. She has worked in care management services performing in-home visits as well as overseeing community-based programs. Lisa has expanded her role of supporting individuals of all ages on their health and wellness journey by joining Richmond Chiropractic Neurology. Lisa wants all persons to fully optimize their choices so that their life-lines and health-lines run in tandem for as long as possible!