What is Functional Neurology?
Functional neurology is the practice of neurology without drugs or surgery. Our brain will give off signs and symptoms of dysfunction called either ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ neurologic signs. We assess these signs in our examination by using non-invasive diagnostic tools. By revealing how your brain and nervous system are functioning, we then know what neurologic imbalances are contributing to your condition. This knowledge can then allow us to rehabilitate specific parts of your brain with individualized exercises. Brain rehabilitation strategies offer real hope to those suffering with behavior, mood, movement and other cognitive disorders.

Functional Neurology isn’t just for those looking for answers because of symptoms of an apparent neurologic condition. A great many patients are surprised when their exam reveals a lot of neurologic soft signs and that their brain function is starting to decay. They are just as surprised when they learn how to restore brain function and get those soft signs to go away and at the same time feel better. It is hoped that when the recognition of these signs of brain dysfunction are detected early enough that you can thus reduce your risk of more advanced neurologic conditions later in life by early intervention strategies. Once a patient completes a care program, they often continue care with the goal of attaining peak performance in all aspects of their life.


  1. Kellie Baker says

    I’d like to have more information about this Functional Neurology. I have noticed that my memory has been failing me more and more. Nothing major but irritating. But the real issue is my husband. He suffered from a major cyst in his brain and had it removed. After the surgery he had a blow to the head that caused a near fatal subdural hematoma. He was doing very well but now I am noticing his memory is getting worse and worse. I need to know if the functional neurology can help him.

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