Restore Your Life With Food: Part Two…How to Avoid Death by Food

Hello Again Everyone:

As a follow-up to last week’s blog, here are some action steps for you to figure out your optimal food plan for life:

When we request a person to stop processed foods, sugar, and other less than healthy food choices, we usually request that they do so for at least 4 months. By that time, the inflammatory reactions have had a decent chance to calm down to the point that when they re-introduce their old food patterns that they may like to eat again, it will be apparent if that food either supports their health or NOT. My experience is that the vast majority of people who make the effort to eat clean, and then re-introduce their old food patterns, almost immediately notice negative changes to how they feel…and they usually say that they will never go back to the former foods. Thus, by following through on this food challenge, you end up creating or finding your optimal foods that support your biochemistry and keep your inflammation low. My challenge to you is that if you are not eating optimally, then eat clean and see what happens.

For info on ‘clean’, look at my old blogs on the modified elimination food plan and/or this link:

Caveat: Due to my studies in immunology, it has become apparent that the elimination phase is optimally 4 months before you re-introduce any food(s) that you have eliminated. Also, when you re-introduce a food, the reaction can be delayed up to 7 days…this means that you should only re-introduce a food once a week. For recipes based on the elimination diet, look at this link from Amazon and any books by Tom Malterre, MS, CN and Alissa Segersten…plus the introductions of these cook books are excellent descriptions of the how and why of this food plan. (Nourishing Meals and The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook).

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