Obesogens: Hidden Chemicals Making Us Fat!!

Hello again to everyone:

Did you know that there is a class of chemicals called obesogens? Here is the definition:

Obesogens may be functionally defined as chemicals that inappropriately alter lipid homeostasis and fat storage, change metabolic setpoints, disrupt energy balance or modify the regulation of appetite and satiety to promote fat accumulation and obesity.

This includes endocrine disrupting chemicals.

The following links are quick reads and both give you some idea of the most common obesogens and how to decrease your exposure:



Bottom Line:

It is important to get your exposure to these chemicals as low as possible. You can get an idea of better household cleaners and personal care products at:


Also, it is totally worth your time and money to consume mostly organic foods that are proven to have a lower chemical burden, plus they are more nutrient dense. Spring is approaching…why not detox your home now for a clean and healthy season of renewal!?

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