Hormone Disrupting Chemicals: They’re Everywhere and Messing Us Up!

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Often times people want to start the New Year off with a detox…clear out all of the debris from 2019 and move on into a healthier 2020. One component of a detox is to look at all aspects of our lifestyle and remove toxic elements. Today, I will focus on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC). These are chemicals in the environment that alter our hormonal balance, and not in a good way. Most of these come from plastics, so take a look at this new article from Medpage:


Bottom Line:

Remove as many sources as possible from your environment that may expose you to toxins that disrupt your hormones and put you at risk for diseases. Here is a great resource for the 12 worst ones,


and I encourage you to explore the Environmental Working Group website for more information, , especially for information about cosmetics and hair products, and other household or personal care products.


For example, we do not store, cook or heat in anything plastic. We do not purchase foods wrapped in plastics 0r in plastic containers whenever possible. We found loads of glass containers with silicone non-toxic lids and replaced all of our plastic. It helped us organize our kitchen and we feel good about these positive changes that protect us from the gradual cumulative exposure. Small steps can reduce your burden of toxins that will make a difference in your health and your future. These toxins are actually worse for children, so get them gone!!

PS: Recall an earlier link where it was revealed that plastics also contribute to type 2 diabetes!!!



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