Health Update: When It Comes To Your Health…Move It or Lose It!

Hello everyone :

This information is basic and simple, plus it is easy to fix, plus my bet is that you already know this. Read what the authors have to say and if you do something about it, you can add years of health to your life and life to your years:

“The pandemic of physical inactivity is associated with a range of chronic diseases and early deaths. Despite the well documented disease burden, the economic burden of physical inactivity remains unquantified at the global level. A better understanding of the economic burden could help to inform resource prioritization and motivate efforts to increase levels of physical activity worldwide.”

 “In addition to morbidity and premature mortality, physical inactivity is responsible for a substantial economic burden. This paper provides further justification to prioritize promotion of regular physical activity worldwide as part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce non-communicable diseases.”

Bottom Line:

 I don’t know about you, but I do not want to suffer (morbidity) and die younger than I need to (mortality), plus I want to save money by doing preventative maintenance on myself. This means that I must incorporate some type of physical activity at least 3 x per week, and a bit more is even better. I hope that if you are reading this that you are one of the 6.8% of Americans that are cardio-metabolically fit…and yes, you read that right…only one out of every 15 Americans!! The majority are thus walking into early illness, disability, and death plus major, major expenses.

U.S. cardiometabolic health has been poor and worsening, with only 6.8% of adults having optimal cardiometabolic health, and disparities by age, sex, education, and race/ethnicity. These novel findings inform the need for nationwide clinical and public health interventions to improve cardiometabolic health and health equity.”

The good news is that you can avoid that simply by moving more. So, you can see that this truly is a pandemic, that it is serious and that you should be doing something about it NOW! Ask yourself: how much do you value your health? Do you want to become a burden to your loved ones because you chose not to stay fit? You know that for optimal health, and to experience your life to the fullest, you do need to move…so make the commitment and stick to it and reap the rewards…not only for yourself, but for those you care about.

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