Health Update: Ultra-processed Foods Kill 678,000 U.S. Citizens Each Year!                       

Hello everyone:

You simply need to read this article and if you need to make changes then do so now. Here are some truly awful facts:

“About 678,000 Americans die each year from chronic food illness. That toll is higher than all our combat deaths in every war in American history—combined. That’s right: there are more deaths each year from our food than all the combat deaths from the Revolutionary War through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

“In addition to deaths, poor diet causes tremendous suffering. For instance, two-thirds of severe COVID cases resulting in hospitalization have been attributed to four diet-caused diseases: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure. In other words, these hospitalizations could have been prevented if the patient didn’t have these diseases. All told, the economic cost of nutrition-related chronic diseases has been estimated at $16 trillion over the period from 2011 to 2020.”

Bottom Line:

Here is a world class nutrition researcher calling out our leadership for not stepping up and protecting us…finally! I have griped for years that we have little to no public health directives that actually improves and safeguards our overall health when it comes to the leading cause of chronic illness: toxic ultra-processed foods!!

At least you are now aware and warned of these consequences…and remember… friends don’t let friends eat ultra-processed foods!!!

You deserve a break today…so make sure you stay away…from those ‘food like objects”!! I do not expect our government to step in and do much of anything about this so, do not wait around for help. Take matters into your own hands and make the shift to a predominantly plant based food plan…do it now and save your own life, please!!!




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