Covid-19 Update: We are not Powerless

Hello everyone:

 As I research the literature on a daily basis, most of the mainstream media’s message is that there is little we can do about this pandemic. We can mask, and distance, and wait for our turn for the vaccine…and nothing else. Seldom do articles in any journal speak to the issues of what our comorbidities are doing to us. We all know and have all heard the refrain that being overweight or obese is a major risk factor for enabling contracting Covid-19 infections as well as being more severe and with a high risk of death.

From what I can see, we are certainly not powerless. Here is a quote from David Perlmutter, MD (1):

“One of the common statements often repeated in the media about COVID-19 is that it is seemingly random in terms of both getting the virus and having a poor outcome. But, upon further inspection, that’s not what the actual science is revealing. As we move deeper into our involvement with this virus some important patterns are emerging that make it quite clear that COVID-19 does indeed discriminate.

 We may not have a lot of control over some issues that can threaten immune regulation, like cancer or chemotherapy, but when it comes to things like diabetes, coronary artery disease, and obesity, our lifestyle choices turn out to be highly influential on risk for and risk of progression of these issues. This reality sets the stage for the understanding that, in a very real sense, our lifestyle choices strongly influence our COVID-19 risk.”

The article goes on to review all of the statistics about being overweight or obese in relation to health and illness…the stats are sobering. But…we are not powerless.

For example, it is widely known that overweight individuals need much more Vitamin D than others, and that Vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency is directly linked to a significantly worsened outcome in Covid-19(4). So why not take more Vitamin D as part of your defense plan? We are capable of making strong efforts to safeguard our health, you just have to start having hope and create a comprehensive health building lifestyle…not just for this pandemic, but for your quality of life it brings throughout your entire life. This is the type of investment that brings real wealth.

Bottom Line: Simply look into creating a health building lifestyle with easy steps that add up to improved function and well-being. You might consider the following points where you can make upgrades that promote optimal health:

  • Remove processed foods from your diet…start with a low glycemic plant based approach.(3)
  • Exercise: go for walks, take yoga classes, workout, etc., …start easy, stick with it.
  • Eat less at dinner and drink more water.
  • Take the right supplements (see earlier blog posts for what to take now with Covid-19).
  • Get adequate sleep and take measures to reduce stress or other burdens.
  • Consider prayer and/or meditation as essential nutrients for the heart and soul…start an internal practice and stick with it…practice kindness and compassion whenever possible.
  • If you need convincing or re-enforcement, read the link #3 below…it is a quick read.
  • Just START doing one thing NOW and as you feel better, add another one…small steps can equal big upgrades!






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