COVID-19 Update: New Resources Looking at Prevention & Boosting Resilience

Hello again everyone:

While it is important to realize that no human trials exist validating the efficacy of natural therapeutic approaches for COVID-19, there is substantial thought and interest in these approaches to the support of public health in general. There is a large amount of evidence informed data that would be reasonable to consider in efforts to build resilience and resistance to disease (including viral pathogens), and people are seriously interested in learning about such possible strategies. In other words, there are two approaches to this pandemic that are possible and we need both:

1. Direct medical care, which because there is no effective vaccine yet or specific medical treatment other than the acute disease management, medical care currently is deemed to be primarily supportive. If you become sick with COVID-19 then you will absolutely need medical care and management…which includes prevention.

2. Supportive care, usually outside of medical care but not always: this type of care complements traditional medical care and seeks to advantage you by increasing health and the ability to fight back and/or prevent or lessen an infection.

As a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, I recently became aware (thank you Jan!) of a link that I feel is important to share. Make sure that you scroll down to the downloadable documents under the Patient Education banner as well as the other resources lower on the page.

The introduction states:

“During this time of an unprecedented global pandemic, IFM is dedicated to providing both patients and practitioners with reliable resources for dealing with the spread of COVID-19. We will continually update this page with the latest news, resources, and links representing the Functional Medicine perspective on prevention, testing, treatment, and recovery from COVID-19.”

Let me know your thoughts after you view the material.

All the best,

Dr. Smith and Staff

PS: I personally do not take Elderberry as it is shown to increase an immune chemical called IL-6 that can be a part of the disease process that may lead to a cytokine storm and organ failure.

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