Covid-19 Update: Foods, Inflammation and Health

Hello again everyone:

Here is a great, quick and concise read about inflammatory foods and their possible effects on our health. As you all know, inflammation causes, perpetuates and/or aggravates every known human illness, including viral infections. The ability to respond to any bodily insult, including viral exposures or ongoing viral load/burden, can be directly impaired by chronic low grade non-purposeful inflammation. What?

Ok, there are 2 types of inflammation: acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is absolutely necessary for healing and repair, if we do not go through an inflammatory phase we do not heal because inflammation is the first phase of healing. Thus, acute inflammation is purposeful and natural.

Chronic inflammation is inflammation that persists beyond the healing phase or arises from gradual persistent bodily insults such as: consumption of an inflammatory diet; obesity; or sugar consumption; or chronic immune activation such as allergies, or autoimmune conditions; or persistent or re-activated background or latent infections; or digestive disorders; or food allergies; or toxic burdens; or nutrient deficiencies or excesses; or stress chemistry elevations; or any combination of all of these and more. This type of inflammation is damaging, and thus non-purposeful because it does not help our health.

Chronic inflammation is degenerative, and certain foods are known to trigger this in our body. This response is almost entirely done through out immune system, which explains why chronic inflammation can negatively impact our ability to fight infections of any type. Having low grade (or moderate to high grade) inflammation can be considered a co-morbidity. Often this background inflammation is not obvious, like the heat, redness, swelling and pain of an ankle that has been strained and is acutely inflamed. It is common that inflammation is frequently identified in lab tests, and when we run lab tests we always want to find out what the inflammatory burden is in each person.

Bottom Line:

Please read this short article to get the basics on foods that cause inflammation and make sure you avoid them as much as possible. If you want more info on an anti-inflammatory diet, please check the second link on the elimination food plan. Here’s to you and yours de-flaming yourselves with great food!



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