Covid-19 & Health Update: What is Inflammaging??

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I am continuing the theme of managing inflammation as a crucial part of health promotion and prevention of age-related illness. Here are some quotes from an excellent paper that summarizes this enormous amount of data into an easy-to-understand introduction:

“The progressively older population in developed countries is reflected in an increase in the number of people suffering from age-related chronic inflammatory diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementia.

The common denominator of these factors is the inflammatory response. Chronic low-grade systemic inflammation during physiological aging and immune senescence are intertwined in the pathogenesis of premature aging also defined as ‘inflammaging.’ The latter has been associated with frailty, morbidity, and mortality in elderly subjects.

Today, human diet is believed to have a major influence on both the development and prevention of age-related diseases. Most plant-derived dietary phytochemicals and macro- and micronutrients modulate oxidative stress and inflammatory signaling and regulate metabolic pathways and bioenergetics that can be translated into stable epigenetic patterns of gene expression. Therefore, diet interventions designed for healthy aging have become a hot topic in nutritional epigenomic research.

Remarkably, humans present a broad range of responses to similar dietary challenges due to both genetic and epigenetic modulations of the expression of target proteins and key genes involved in the metabolism and distribution of the dietary constituents. Here, we will summarize the epigenetic actions of dietary components, including phytochemicals, and macro- and micronutrients as well as metabolites, that can attenuate inflammaging.”

Bottom Line:

Just a few brief comments related to the highlighted text above:

  • Age related disorders are now seen across all age groups. For example, we are now seeing Type 2 Diabetes in young people whereas this was traditionally known only in the more elderly.
  • Chronic low-grade inflammation is now seen in all ages as most of our citizens have between one to five chronic conditions…all of which are fueled by inflammation.
  • Diet is THE major influence on creating and sustaining chronic inflammation and disease across all age groups.
  • Due to the remarkable broad range of individual responses to foods, there is no one dietary strategy that works for everyone…which is why I consistently recommend that you go through the Elimination Diet or the Renew Food Plan available on my website in the Resource section on Diet. This is how you find your own unique food plan that works for you!

 Why do I continue to write about this?? Because of what I have witnessed, in my own life and in the lives of those who come to our office to improve their health, when people eat clean, organic, unprocessed food…it is often seemingly miraculous how the body can renew itself. Most often I recommend the Elimination Diet or the Renew Food Plan and get to witness impressive results in those that stick with it.

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