Covid-19 & Health Update: Plant-Based Diet Potential Benefits in Long-Covid

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Hope this email finds all of us doing well. A good question is to wonder if there is any evidence to show that a plant-based food plan would be helpful during this pandemic? This paper seeks to answer that question. Importantly, it has been previously shown that plant-based diets are helpful in reducing the underlying conditions that make the virus more lethal and/or severe. This includes such things as obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, kidney disease, and more. Now we are dealing with Long-Covid as well and there is only emerging evidence of what can help with this chronic and often devastating condition. Here is some uplifting news from partial quotes of the Abstract from the paper below:


Purpose of review: The SARS-CoV-2-pandemic has caused mortality and morbidity at an unprecedented global scale. Many patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 continue to experience symptoms after the acute phase of infection and report fatigue, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and depression as well as arthralgia and muscle weakness. Summarized under the umbrella term “long-COVID,” these symptoms may last weeks to months and impose a substantial burden on affected individuals. Dietary approaches to tackle these complications have received comparably little attention. Although plant-based diets in particular were shown to exert benefits on underlying conditions linked to poor COVID-19 outcomes, their role with regard to COVID-19 sequelae is yet largely unknown. Thus, this review sought to investigate whether a plant-based diet could reduce the burden of long-COVID.

Recent findings: The number of clinical trials investigating the role of plant-based nutrition in COVID-19 prevention and management is currently limited. Yet, there is evidence from pre-pandemic observational and clinical studies that a plant-based diet may be of general benefit with regard to several clinical conditions that can also be found in individuals with COVID-19. These include anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and musculoskeletal pain. Adoption of a plant-based diet leads to a reduced intake in pro-inflammatory mediators and could be one accessible strategy to tackle long-COVID associated prolonged systemic inflammation. Plant-based diets may be of general benefit with regard to some of the most commonly found COVID-19 sequelae. Additional trials investigating which plant-based eating patterns confer the greatest benefit in the battle against long-COVID are urgently warranted.

Bottom Line: To reduce your inflammatory burden and make significant advances in health as it relates to comorbidities requires a foundational dietary strategy that optimally supports all aspects of health. Therefore, the plant-based approach offers the most hope to reduce the underlying chronic health conditions that are making the SARS-CoV-2 more severe and lethal. We all know that the people most affected by the virus are those with multiple comorbidities…it is certainly not too late to make the move to lowering your risk by seeking optimal health and diet is the foundation on which health is built and maintained. Please do not wait!


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