Covid-19 & Health Update: Exercise, Inflammation, Immunity and Goldilocks

Hello again everyone:

The title of this blog refers to the fact that just the right amount of exercise will boost the immune system and that too much exercise can be immune-suppressive. In other words, we need to get it right especially during this pandemic. There are many articles on this phenomenon so here are a few quotes from these two links:

During exercise, no matter acute or chronic, there exists a marked difference in the circulating levels of immune cells and other factors that have immunomodulatory effects by influencing leukocyte (white blood cells) trafficking and functions. The effects of exercise on the normal functioning of the immune system have been widely agreed to be profound.

 Data accumulated from preclinical experiments have demonstrated that exercise can directly regulate the immune system and has the potential to indirectly regulate the immune system.

 Based on exercise dose, prolonged periods of intensive exercise could depress immunity, while there was no doubt that regular exercise training may reduce the risk of disease such as URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) due to its anti-inflammatory, thymic- activity reinvigorated, and boost-immunity effects.

 Bottom Line:

Too much or too little exercise can be damaging to our immune and total health, so it may be wise to avoid prolonged periods of high intensity exercise and stick with consistently moderate levels of exercise to include stretching, walking, jogging, and resistance forms. Start slow and gradually work up and get checked out by your primary care physician before starting if you are just starting out or re-starting. Here are several links to guide you if you are just starting out:

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