Covid-19 & Health Update: Exercise as Medicine During the Pandemic

Hello again friends:

 As I recover from Covid, I had some time to think about what I might have done differently regarding prevention and recovery strategies. As a normal part of my lifestyle, I routinely perform around 4 hours of yoga every week. After doing a bit of research, I think I will add a bit more exercise. Here is why I think that this information is critical for all of us, and especially those of us over 50 as this demographic was the hardest hit by Covid-19 and its variants:

“Physical exercise is seen as the main ally for health promotion, preventing and protecting the organism from several diseases. Additionally, it is well-established that the practice of physical exercise is essential for well-being in the elderly population. 

 Recently, the world population started the confrontation against (COVID-19), which today is the most significant public health challenge in the world.

 Determined as a pandemic (when on a large scale of severity in most parts of the world), organizations responsible for the prevention, maintenance, and treatment standards related to human health outlined some measures: social distancing. Since then, this has been the primary strategy in the fight against COVID-19 in several countries in the world. As a result, the limited practice of physical exercise became a significant concern for the elderly population.

 However, physical exercise is a powerful ally for improving health, as it acts efficiently on the elderly immune function. It was reflected in better systemic functioning, mainly preventing infectious diseases.”

Bottom Line:

As this article states, Exercise is Medicine for Health Promotion. While this paper focuses on the most at risk part of our population and the one that suffered the most deaths, this information applies to most of us and all ages. Recently, research has revealed that the “prevalence of metabolic health in American adults is ‘alarmingly low’, even among people who are a normal weight.” The researchers state that only 12% of us can be considered metabolically healthy and to restore oneself to metabolic health does not mean spending all day in the gym. It means eating right (avoid sugar, bad carbs, bad fats, toxins, and pesticides in foods by going organic, going plant based and reducing all animal products as a starter) and moving right and lowering stress. The links below give you more information and additional strategies to recover your metabolic health, thus improving your immune system and reducing risks from all infections. Now is a good time to upgrade your lifestyle patterns to optimize your health and safeguard your future as it relates to all aspects of your health and wellbeing.



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