Health Update: Sustainable Nutrition Goals

Hello again everyone: As we move forward into this new year, we are discovering that our individual health is intertwined with that of the planet. This connection is through our food choices. Food can make us ill or food can contribute to inflammation and cause, aggravate, and/or perpetuate every known human ailment…including aging. We need a bigger viewpoint from which to view our place in the grand scheme of things, and that is what articles like the one below is all about. As you will read, it is a really complicated issue and we should all become aware and seek to do our part to resolve it and save our future. We each need to get informed and act on that information. “Some foods take up many more resources than others. At the upper end, just 100 grams of beef protein can result in the release of the equivalent of 105 kilograms of CO2. The same amount of protein from a ... Read more