Health Update: Strength, Cognition and Dementia Risk

6.27.2022   Hello again to everyone: Here is some more information about how our brain and body are connected. I have written previously that muscle mass/strength is the most sensitive biomarker for how well we will be as we age. The more muscle mass that we carry into our older years, the better…especially for our brains! In this new research article, they asked the question: Is reduced muscle strength, as measured by handgrip strength, associated with higher risk of dementia, poorer neuroimaging outcomes, and reduced cognition in both men and women?” And the answer was: Findings:  This cohort study of 190 406 adults in the United Kingdom found associations for both men and women across multiple outcomes and with multiple adjustment strategies. Handgrip strength was associated with fluid intelligence, prospective memory, and dementia ... Read more

Exercise History Questionnaire

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Daily Activity Questionnaire

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Tips to Incorporate Mindful Movement Every Day

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The Power of Movement – Living an Active Lifestyle

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Increasing Movement with Office Exercises

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Goal Setting for Behavior Change

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Exercise Goals and Tracking Journal

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Resources for Wearable Devices & Tracking Tools

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Resources and Referrals – Exercise and Fitness

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Resources and Referrals – Active Living

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Functional Medicine Prescription and Lifestyle Plan

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Exercise Is An Effective Anti-depressant

Hello again to everyone: Do sleep problems, fatigue and physical inactivity lead to a depressed mood, or is it the other way around? The answer seems to be that it goes both ways: depression can lead to inactivity, or inactivity can lead to depression. Read more