CΟVID-19 UPDATE: Nutrition and Immune Strength, More Evidence of Need

Hello again everyone:

As this pandemic moves along, there are many people behind the scenes doing research on how to help us survive and thrive. Unfortunately, this does not make the evening news, even though it could make all the difference in how your system handles this virus.


As the authors state:

“To preserve organism defense mechanisms, adequate nutritional status should be maintained with appropriate intakes of calories, vitamins, minerals, and water that should be continuously provided by a healthy diet.”

“Nutritional support should be the basis of management of any infected individual. However, prevention measures remain the first priority and strategy to develop throughout proper hygiene, healthy diet and staying home.”

They also state that while: “no specific food or supplement will prevent COVID-19/Coronavirus infection” that “Nutritional support remains the basis of treatment.”

Bottom Line: What they likely mean by ‘basis of treatment’ is that each of us must be fundamentally and optimally healthy to reduce the risk of infection, as well as to minimize any resulting infection that we may get and enhance our recovery. The ‘basis’ of our health depends on the food we eat and our nutritional status, as well as if we are exercising, how we are sleeping and handling stress etc. Nutrition is not primary care and is not considered to be a primary treatment per se, but it is essential supportive care and an important component of comprehensive care as these authors emphasize.

Theses authors review some of the nutrients we have already covered as being part of a good supplement program to support immune health and well-being, such as: Vitamin A, C and D; Zinc and Selenium; and B vitamins. No surprises here, but great reinforcement and knowledge for you to take to heart. Please refer to earlier blog posts for more detailed supplement information. As this pandemic progresses, this office will strive to keep you up to date on the latest developments in natural health and supportive care.

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