Covid-19 & Health Update: Fiber, Gut and Brain Immune Connection

Hello everyone:  A new study has revealed that a diet with higher fiber intake, and one that has a lot of soluble fiber, is now linked to a lower incidence of disabling dementia…25% lower risk which is very consequential. How does that work? It turns out than higher fiber feeds the gut bacteria which then positively enhances brain neuroplasticity and brain function. For example: our gut bacteria convert some fibers into short chain fatty acids (butyrate, acetate and proprionate) which not only mend our gut lining (reduce leaky gut) but also downregulate inflammation via immune mechanisms as well as assist with the creation of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) to enhance brain function, maintenance, and development. Please note that this new information supports previous blogs about how to reduce inflammation and upregulate/balance the immune system via a plant-based ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: FAQs about Alcohol Consumption

Hello everyone: I get this question a lot: can I still drink some wine or alcohol while on this food plan to reduce inflammation, heal my gut, detox my body etc.? The short answer is…no. For some this is hard to hear, so I pulled together some links to share with you that you can check out for yourself…but research is now showing that literally no amount of alcohol is beneficial. Anyone who reads my blogs knows that inflammation causes, perpetuates, or aggravates ALL human ailments…every single one including immune suppression (not a good thing to have in a pandemic), aging, dementia, fatigue, fogginess, cancer, depression, anxiety, allergies, gut problems, stress, nutrient deficiencies, insomnia, arthritis, digestion problems, and especially leaky gut…etc., etc. It turns out that alcohol consumption, even the amount in only ½ of a beer will induce health damaging inflammation. ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Chronic Stress = Inflammation & Illness

Hello again everyone: Stress is an inevitable part of life, and we do need some stress to function optimally. Without any stress we would atrophy and wither across all of our systems including muscular, bone, brain, heart, immune etc. However, too much stress for too long is degenerative across all systems as well. We can measure our stress response to see if it is normal by looking at the normal ups and downs of the primary stress hormone, cortisol. This hormone is highest in the morning and lowest at night. When this normal up and down curve happens, researchers find we have the fewest health problems…yet when the curve is flattened or reversed, we have the most health problems. Highlights

  • Meta-analysis shows flatter diurnal cortisol slopes are associated with worse health
  • Results are significant for 10 out of 12 health outcomes and across multiple age ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Food as Medicine Gains Momentum

Hello again:  If you have read my blog posts in the past, you will see that I will frequently say that inflammation causes, perpetuates, or aggravates virtually every human ailment. I also go on to elaborate on the primary causes of inflammation, such as latent or active infection, gut dysbiosis, toxin exposure, stress chemistry, allergies, dental health issues, detoxification pathway problems, air pollution and more…but the greatest single contributor is the diet. The foods we choose to eat can either help us keep a balance between purposeful and non-purposeful inflammation or create massive inflammation that leads to illness of all types. When we are in a state of chronic low-grade inflammation, it is like we have placed our body into a slow cooker Crock Pot to let it simmer till it falls apart. It turns out that food choices really turn up the heat on the cooking process. Here ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Diet Lowers Risk of Moderate to Severe Covid

Hello everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is some great news that shows that diet can be an effective strategy to reduce the risk of moderate to severe Covid infection. Many people know that the level of comorbidities that we carry can significantly increase our risk of severity and death from SARS-CoV2 infection and illness. Few know that 80% of those comorbidities are a direct cause of food choices and thus if we upgrade our food choices, we not only can reduce our comorbidities, but we can also reduce our risk of progressing into moderate to severe Covid infection. Here is what the researchers have to say: What This Paper Adds:  In 2884 front-line healthcare workers from six countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, USA), individuals who reported following plant-based diets and plant-based diets or pescatarian diets that were higher in vegetables, legumes, and nuts, ... Read more

Covid-19 & health Update: Long-Covid Reduced with Probiotics

Hello everyone: Data shows that over 50% of those with Covid-19 who were hospitalized are now suffering with Long-Covid symptoms such as fatigue, fog, muscle aches and fatigue, and cognitive disturbances or fog. There is also the issue that post-Covid can cause the re-emergence of old infection issues like Epstein-Barr (mono), shingles, and Lyme’s. So, anything that can help has the potential to assist a lot of our community as about 30% of those that had Covid who were not hospitalized are reporting some Long-Covid issues. Here is a hopeful article demonstrating how probiotics and systemic enzymes can help to alleviate some symptoms to some degree. “This study demonstrates that a 14 days supplementation of ImmunoSEB + ProbioSEB CSC3 resolves post-COVID-19 fatigue. The proposed supplement regimen significantly reduces the burden of both, physical and mental fatigue and is ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Exercise, Inflammation, Immunity and Goldilocks

Hello again everyone: The title of this blog refers to the fact that just the right amount of exercise will boost the immune system and that too much exercise can be immune-suppressive. In other words, we need to get it right especially during this pandemic. There are many articles on this phenomenon so here are a few quotes from these two links: During exercise, no matter acute or chronic, there exists a marked difference in the circulating levels of immune cells and other factors that have immunomodulatory effects by influencing leukocyte (white blood cells) trafficking and functions. The effects of exercise on the normal functioning of the immune system have been widely agreed to be profound.  Data accumulated from preclinical experiments have demonstrated that exercise can directly regulate the immune system and has the potential to indirectly regulate ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Exercise as Medicine During the Pandemic

Hello again friends:  As I recover from Covid, I had some time to think about what I might have done differently regarding prevention and recovery strategies. As a normal part of my lifestyle, I routinely perform around 4 hours of yoga every week. After doing a bit of research, I think I will add a bit more exercise. Here is why I think that this information is critical for all of us, and especially those of us over 50 as this demographic was the hardest hit by Covid-19 and its variants: “Physical exercise is seen as the main ally for health promotion, preventing and protecting the organism from several diseases. Additionally, it is well-established that the practice of physical exercise is essential for well-being in the elderly population.   Recently, the world population started the confrontation against (COVID-19), which today is the most significant ... Read more

COVID-19 and Health Update : Food and Immune Health

Hey again: There is a growing body of literature that supports certain dietary patterns that will reduce inflammation and increase immune function. This is important because most conditions that kill or disable us are what are called ‘long-latency’ illnesses. This means that for most of us, it takes many years of poor eating to create diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, dementia, high blood pressure, overweight or obesity, etc. We also know that if you have these pre-existing conditions your risk of severe Covid is much higher due to the low-grade chronic inflammation burden that comes with these conditions. This inflammation has negative effects on immune function that then acts as one of the underlying co-morbidities that drives the pandemic. Here is some info from MD Anderson Cancer Center: “But there is one diet that is consistently proven, over more than Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Get Ready!!!

Hey everyone: Here is a sample of this week’s headlines: Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Omicron The Pandemic of the Vaccinated is Here New Omicron Studies Help Explain Why the Variant is Mild but Spreads Fast Read more