Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Hello everyone: This week’s news is about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I have enclosed a link to a recent paper about the treatment of ADHD with Neurofeedback.

First of all, ADHD is a much more serious condition than most realize. If you have a child or family member with ADHD, or you are a teacher, you will easily realize the accuracy of that statement. It is not a matter of disciplining the child, or being stricter…although that may be helpful and needed. It is more a matter of understanding that in reality there are areas of the brain that are under-active in ADHD, and that the child with this developmental disorder will carry all of these problems into their future and have serious challenges with:

  • relationships,
  • jobs,
  • earning capacity,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • motivation,
  • emotional regulation
  • and more.

In short, the future of ADHD, even with medications, is more ADHD with co-morbidities (which means other mental and emotional health problems). Once the medications are withdrawn, the ADHD returns. That is not the case with Neurofeedback. In this link it shows that only Neurofeedback resulted in improvement in brain function (cognition = thinking abilities and emotional regulation).

I encourage you to review this brief abstract, and if you or anyone you know and care about is suffering with ADHD, let them know about Neurofeedback and that we offer Neurofeedback treatments. Also let them know hope and optimism exist for them to have a brain that functions like they would want it to.
A surprising number of adults struggle with this daily, and almost all of them that I meet also have some form of

  • depression,
  • anxiety and/or memory issues,
  • in addition to the lack of focus,
  • poor concentration and/or comprehension,
  • feeling scattered,
  • distractible,
  • jumping around from task to task
  • and not finishing them, etc.

This paper is certain a breath of fresh air….a truly effective non-pharmaceutical therapy exists that is available to them now.
There is hope, so spread the word.
Thank you.

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