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Health Update: Timed Eating For a Happy Holiday Season

Hello everyone, and Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holy Day Season!!  As we head into 2023 (time really flies!!), we can end the year with a new habit regarding meal timing. It turns out that we all have internal biological clocks that are called circadian rhythms. It also turns out that these internal clocks make us more efficient (better) at doing different things at different times of the day. These two studies revealed that by taking advantage of our internal clock functions, we can improve our blood sugar, cholesterol, appetite and cravings, weight, blood pressure, brain health and more. The first study reveals that late eating is not healthy: Late eating:

  • Increases waketime hunger
  • Decreases waketime energy expenditure and 24 hr. core body temperature
  • Alters adipose tissue metabolism (not in a good way = increased ... Read more

Good News About Coffee, so Drink Up!

Hello to everyone: Finally, some good news about coffee. Here you go: “Drinking two to three cups of coffee a day is linked with a longer lifespan and lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared with avoiding coffee, according to research published today in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a journal of the ESC.1 The findings applied to ground, instant and decaffeinated varieties.” “In this large, observational study, ground, instant and decaffeinated coffee were associated with equivalent reductions in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and death from cardiovascular disease or any cause,” said study author Professor Peter Kistler of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia. “The results suggest that mild to moderate intake of ground, instant and decaffeinated coffee should be considered part of a healthy ... Read more

Health Update: Sugar Cause Microbiome Imbalances and Systemic Inflammation

Hello everyone: The title says it all, but here it is from the authors of the 2020 paper: High Intake of Sugar and the Balance between Pro- and Anti- Inflammatory Gut Bacteria Abstract The so-called Western diet is rich in saturated fat and sugars and poor in plant-derived fibers, and it is associated with an increased risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, as well as chronic (low grade) inflammation. The detrimental effects of poor diet are in part mediated by gut microbiota, whose composition, functionality, and metabolic end products respond to dietary changes. Recent studies have shown that high intake of sugars increase the relative abundance of Proteobacteria in the gut, while simultaneously decreasing the abundance of Bacteroidetes, which can mitigate the effects of endotoxin, as well as reinforce gut barrier function. Thus, a high sugar intake ... Read more

Health Update: Reduce Inflammation with Mind-Body Activities

Hello again everyone: If you have been following our blog, you know that inflammation causes, perpetuates, and aggravates all chronic health conditions, and this absolutely includes aging. So, this is obviously not good, and you also know that inflammation usually has multiple drivers which that means that we need multiple lifestyle approaches to effectively optimize our health and feel and function our best. Here is some very good and interesting news you can use: Abstract: “There is considerable evidence for the effectiveness of mind–body interventions (MBIs) in improving mental and physical health, but the molecular mechanisms of these benefits remain poorly understood. One hypothesis is that MBIs reverse expression of genes involved in inflammatory reactions that are induced by stress. Conclusion: The results of 18 studies that used ... Read more