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Health Update: Artificial Sweeteners Harmless?? Ask Your Gut!!

09.26.22   Hello again everyone: Here is a new article that reveals how artificial sweeteners can damage our health. It appears that the artificial sweeteners alter our gut microbiome that then has a negative influence on blood sugar control which induces insulin resistance. This is not a good or health building result as insulin resistance causes or leads to: type 2 diabetes; weight gain; inflammation; cardiovascular disease; high blood pressure; kidney damage; nerve damage; dementia; brain fog and more. Here is what one study said: Results: The HOMAIR values for Group A and B ranged from 0.9–24.33 and 0.12–10.83 with mean values 7.39 and 2.6, respectively, showing that the ones who used AS had a higher insulin resistance. The study also showed that the duration of use of artificial sweeteners had a direct impact on insulin resistance. Read more

Health Update: The Western Diet is Killing Us!

9.19.2022 Hello once more everyone:  This is a very good article from that highlights how the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), also known as the Western Diet, is just killing us. Here is what a noted gastroenterologist has to say: “The Western diet has really cannibalized the health of the United States and Western civilizations.  This diet is typically characterized by high intakes of processed and prepacked food items, red meat, dairy, and grains, consisting of high-fat, high-protein, and low-fiber components. These food items have become diets of convenience as opposed to diets potentially promoting health.  They've led to an associated increase in so-called "diseases of civilization," including cardiovascular diseaseRead more

Health Update: Multivitamins Slow Brain Aging (Prevents Other Diseases Too!)

9.12.2022 Hey there everyone: Here is some good news on a very simple way to protect your brain and cognitive health as we age. Just take a multivitamin, please! The underlying hypothesis for multivitamins being a benefit for cognition stems from evidence that essential nutrient deficiencies in B12, folate, vitamin D, and other micronutrients have been linked to accelerated cognitive decline and dementia in observational studies. But there have been few randomized trials of these micronutrients and they have mostly tested individual micronutrients and not a comprehensive multivitamin supplement. The one previous large-scale trial of a multivitamin supplement began cognitive testing 2-3 years into the intervention, so it wasn't a full test of the hypothesis.”  “They found that over the 3 years of treatment, participants who were randomized to ... Read more

Health Update: Dementia and Ultra-Processed Foods = Bad Idea

Hello all: Here is some newer research showing a link between brain health and food. A lot of might say…well…duh! However, the consumption of ultra-processed foods continues without slowing down. Way too many of us eat way too much ‘food like substances’ that substantially harm our brains and overall health. “Background: There has been a growing body of evidence associating consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPF) with adverse health outcomes including depression, cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality. However, whether UPF are associated with dementia is unknown. The authors investigated the associations between UPF and dementia incidence in UK biobank. Conclusions: In this prospective cohort study, higher consumption of UPF was associated with higher risk of dementia, while substituting unprocessed or minimally processed foods for UPF was ... Read more