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Health Update: Exercise Turns Off Brain Inflammation

7.25.2022   Hello to one and all: Here is some useful information regarding why it is important to keep moving and exercise regularly and consistently. As it turns out, exercise is an anti-inflammatory natural medicine with wonderful effects on brain health and aging. Exercise does this by balancing or regulating the brain’s immune cells called microglia. These immune cells release a chemical messenger called cytokines which can be either pro or anti-inflammatory. Healthy signaling keeps the anti-inflammatory chemistry revved up, reduces brain inflammation, and helps the synapses function optimally. Too many pro-inflammatory cytokines can create neurodegeneration. Symptoms of brain inflammation include brain fog, anxiety, depression, memory loss, balance disorders, migraine and other headaches, vertigo, gut issues and more: Accumulating evidence indicates that ... Read more

Health Update: New Anti-Viral for your Natural Medicine Cabinet

7.18.22      Hello again one and all: I just reviewed multiple papers that outline the significant anti-viral effects of the natural substance called propolis. You may be aware that we offer this at our office, and it is called B. Immune Throat Spray from Beekeepers Naturals. I first learned of it at the start of the pandemic in March of 2020 and have recommended it ever since. It is important to note that while this is so promising, there have not been enough randomized trials on humans to recommend this as a standard treatment. That means that there is a strong rationale for using propolis as an adjunct to other/traditional care and that is how it’s use should be considered. Once you read the papers, I think you will agree. Here is some of the science: “Since propolis is nontoxic and practically without side effects, patients should ask for the medical recommendation ... Read more

Balance and Mortality Risk are Linked

July 11, 2022   Hello again everyone: This research supports previous investigations that revealed that poor one-legged standing time as a measure of postural instability, is associated with cognitive decline as well as asymptomatic vascular damage in the brain. Here is how they figured this out: Introduction Ageing is associated with a progressive decline in physical fitnessRead more