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Covid-19 & Health Update: Does Zinc Really Work for Colds?

Hello everyone: I hope that you all have had an excellent Thanksgiving holiday. One thing that I am truly grateful for is information that helps me to live an optimal life, and I am also thankful that I can share this data so that you and your loved ones can also be your best. This especially applies during this pandemic. In case you ever wondered if there is any science behind using zinc as a part of your anti-viral protocols, the answer is a loud yes! “A new study published in BMJ Open adds to the evidence that zinc is effective against viral respiratory infections, such as colds. Use of zinc was also ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Plant Based Gratitude for the Holidays

Hello everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving:  We want to thank everyone for your trust and confidence in our services, plus, we want to express our sincere gratitude to those of you who are continually looking to optimize your health. One of the best ways, and indeed, a foundational approach is through the adoption of a plant-based food plan. More and more science is emerging making this a topic that even mainstream medical newsletters write about…it is finally being realized just how super important food is. Even though Hippocrates is noted to have said “Let food me thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, it has taken a while to catch on. Here is a great article to help get you jump started into a healthier you: The Benefits of Plant-Based Eating “As most health providers understand, nutrition plays a key role in health. In 2012 alone, Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Once Again Plastics In Our Food Makes News

Hey there everyone: Plastics in our foods continues to make news. Only about 10 years ago, those of us that tried to warn everyone about this risk were laughed at. Now, scientists are taking a second look and issuing warnings too. Take a look: “Endocrine-disrupting chemicals linked to a variety of health problems are abundant in fast foods sold in the United States, such as chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and cheese pizza, new research suggests. The first-of-its-kind study, which measured concentrations of chemicals such as phthalates in foods and gloves from US fast food chains, is also the first to detect the plasticizer DEHT in fast foods.  A class of chemicals used in food packaging and food processing equipment, phthalates such as DEHP and DnBP, can leach out of these items and interfere with hormone production, Edwards said. They are linked ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Antiviral Defense Can Begin in the Gut!

Hello everyone: Here is a very interesting and helpful article on how gut health directly impacts our ability to put up a fight against infectious viruses. Many might say…well…who knew? However, once we understand that our gut houses nearly 75% of our immune secreting cells, it becomes more apparent. Here are a few quotes from the Harvard article (1): “The role of the gut microbiome in disease and health has been well established. Yet, how the bacteria residing in our guts protect us from viral infections is not well understood. Now, for the first time, Harvard Medical School researchers have described how this happens in mice and have identified the specific population of gut microbes that modulates both localized and systemic immune response to ward off viral invaders.  The work, published Nov. 18 in Read more

Covid19 & Health Update: Serious Concerns About Plastics and Immunity

Hello everyone:  As you know, inflammation causes, aggravates, or perpetuates virtually every known human condition or illness. We also know that inflammation is predominantly an immune system response and that there are two types of inflammation: purposeful and non-purposeful. It is the non-purposeful inflammation which is what is driving the epidemic of chronic conditions and diseases…and there are many drivers of inflammation including primarily latent or hidden infections, toxins (plastics), foods, stress chemistry, allergies, and autoimmune conditions. Today we will focus on plastics due to the “extensive contamination of our food and water sources with microplastics…” and “Scientists estimate that each week we swallow 5 grams of tiny plastic particles that have found their way into our food and water supplies – equivalent to the weight of a credit card.” From the links ... Read more