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Covid-19 & Health Update: Plant-Based Diet Potential Benefits in Long-Covid

Hello everyone: Hope this email finds all of us doing well. A good question is to wonder if there is any evidence to show that a plant-based food plan would be helpful during this pandemic? This paper seeks to answer that question. Importantly, it has been previously shown that plant-based diets are helpful in reducing the underlying conditions that make the virus more lethal and/or severe. This includes such things as obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, kidney disease, and more. Now we are dealing with Long-Covid as well and there is only emerging evidence of what can help with this chronic and often devastating condition. Here is some uplifting news from partial quotes of the Abstract from the paper below: Abstract: Purpose of review: The SARS-CoV-2-pandemic has caused mortality and morbidity at an unprecedented global scale. Many patients infected with ... Read more

Environmental Mold Exposure

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Environmental Mold Exposure ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Public Health in Decline Since Pandemic

Hello everyone:  New reports reveal that during the pandemic there has been a significant increase in obesity and overweight as a result of the stress, job loss, lack of exercise and really poor dietary choices. Comfort food is killing us. Here is some of the data: The findings confirm what several recent research studies have found: Many Americans have gained significant weight since the COVID-19 crisis started, likely fueled by an increase in sedentary behavior, stress and troubles such as job and income loss that make healthy eating harder.”(1)  Bottom Line: There is a way out of this, and it relies upon eating a clean diet. Not saying that shifting away from the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) is easy, but it is essential if your goals are to avoid disability and disease. Abstract:  Dietary patterns high in refined starches, sugar, ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: What is Inflammaging??

Hey everyone: I am continuing the theme of managing inflammation as a crucial part of health promotion and prevention of age-related illness. Here are some quotes from an excellent paper that summarizes this enormous amount of data into an easy-to-understand introduction: “The progressively older population in developed countries is reflected in an increase in the number of people suffering from age-related chronic inflammatory diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementia. The common denominator of these factors is the inflammatory response. Chronic low-grade systemic inflammation during physiological aging and immune senescence are intertwined in the pathogenesis of premature aging also defined as ‘inflammaging.’ The latter has been associated with frailty, morbidity, and mortality in elderly ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Get Moving for Optimal Immune Health

Hello again everyone: The lockdown during the ongoing pandemic has resulted in many of us not exercising like we were. This lack of exercise results in poor and reduced or impaired immune function. We all should know by now that as we age, our immune system undergoes a series of changes that decreases our ability to fight off infections and increases low-grade inflammation. This chronic low-grade background inflammation promotes chronic diseases and health conditions of all types. In addition to poor dietary choices, a lack of exercise (or too much exercise) can induce inflammation and thus impaired immune responses. These age-related processes are not inevitable, and a combination of a clean diet and exercise can help us keep our immune systems in optimal condition to keep us healthy under all circumstances…especially now. Many observational studies have shown that physically ... Read more