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Covid-19 & Health Update: It is Still About Inflammation & Comorbidities

Hello Everyone: You probably know that over 90% of the deaths related to Covid-19 are among those with the most comorbidities. You also probably know that we are having an ongoing pandemic of chronic disease as well as Covid-19. And furthermore, you probably also know that both of these pandemics are fueled by inflammation, i.e., chronic diseases such as heart disease, pre-diabetes, obesity, overweight, brain fog and dementia, fatigue and infectious disease are associated with chronic low-grade inflammation. Here is a great paper to help summarize this information along with what we can do about it. It is well written, and you do not need a science background to get this important information. Along with standard medical care, incorporating an anti-inflammatory lifestyle can significantly reduce the risks of these issues. Here are some selected quotes: Read more

Covid-19 and Health Update: Dietary Alterations Effective for Migraine

Hello Everyone: This blog related indirectly to Covid-19, as you will see below. I am reporting on new research that reveals that the composition of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) in the diet has a profound influence on migraine frequency and severity. Here are the essentials: What is already known on this topic

  • Modern industrialized diets tend to be low in n-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and high in n-6 linoleic acid
  • These fatty acids serve as precursors to endogenous signaling molecules (oxylipins) shown to increase (linoleic acid) or decrease (EPA+DHA) pain in preclinical models
What this study adds
  • Adults with chronic and episodic migraine in the United States were randomized to the H3 diet ... Read more

Effects of Chronic Stress

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Effects-of-Chronic-Stress ... Read more

COVID-19 Update : Sarcopenia and Covid-19, Not Good Together

Hello everyone: So, what the heck is sarcopenia? It is defined as the loss of muscle tissue as a part of aging or lifestyles with inadequate physical activity. Why is this a bad thing? Because people who have decreased muscle mass are missing certain signaling components needed for a healthy immune response. In other words, loss of muscle mass is a comorbidity that may result in more severe Covid-19. Here are some quotes from the link below: “The role of skeletal muscle mass in modulating immune response and supporting metabolic stress has been increasingly confirmed. Patients with sarcopenia, characterized by reduced muscle mass and muscle strength, were reported to have poor immune response and metabolic stress when facing acute infection, major surgeries, and other attacks. Based on empirical data, patients with sarcopenia are speculated to have increased infection rates and ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Vitamin D Adjunctive Care Helpful in Covid-19

Hello again everyone: Hope your summer is going well and getting more time outdoors will increase your Vitamin D, and this has recently been shown to be a very helpful component of adjunctive care in the treatment of Covid-19. In the study whose link is provided below, the researchers wanted to know if there was any positive or negative effect on Covid-19 related outcomes by adding supplemental Vitamn D3. We all know that Covid-19 is a worldwide health problem so that anything that could contribute to improved outcomes is welcome news. The researchers had a cohort of 838 people with Covid-19 illness that they enrolled in the trial, and here is their conclusion: Conclusions: In patients hospitalized with COVID-19, calcifediol (a type of Vitamin D3) treatment significantly reduced ICU admission and mortality. Bottom Line: It is important to note that Vitamin D3 (25 OH Vit ... Read more

Covid-19 & Health Update: Food to Optimize Health

Hello everyone: You may wonder why the focus on diet and inflammation, and the link is that almost all inflammation is produced and/or managed through the immune system. Thus, if we are inflamed, our immune system is out of balance and predisposes us t not only the development of chronic diseases and conditions, but it also hampers our ability to fight infections of all types. This is why many people with chronic low-grade inflammation do not do well during this pandemic. It is the same as saying that those with comorbidities have chronic low or higher-grade inflammation which makes them more vulnerable to damage or illness related to stress, trauma and/or infection. In other words, what we eat can make or break our health. Here is some of the science: “In conclusion, Med-Diets (Mediterranean Dietary patterns) supplemented with VOO (virgin olive oil) or nuts reduce the potency ... Read more