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Covid-19 & Health Update: Diet vs. Chronic Disease

Hello once again: Thanks for reading our blog, we hope it helps protect your health. I am continuing along the path of how diet can influence our inflammatory burden, and as you know, inflammation is a key driver of many chronic health conditions. When we look out at the published information on diet, it would be easy to be overwhelmed with so much data that it appears that there is no real scientific consensus about what makes a good food plan. To be sure, that impression is not accurate as there is a large and growing body of scientific literature that supports an anti-inflammatory approach as the optimal way to support overall health. Here are some quotes from a 2014 paper that help put it in perspective (1): “Dietary patterns high in refined starches, sugar, and saturated and trans-fatty acids, poor in natural antioxidants and fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole ... Read more

Covid-19 and Health Update: Chronic Inflammation Weakens Our Immune System

Hello friends:  As you know, or have heard me say many times, inflammation either causes, perpetuates or aggravates virtually every human ailment. This also includes the fact that over time, chronic inflammation will weaken the immune system and/or imbalance it, resulting in a feedback loop that creates more inflammation and degeneration. Thus, chronic inflammation can lead to something called immuno-senescence, which means a weakened or imbalanced immune response. Here are a few selected quotes from the articles listed below(1,2): “Constant overproduction of pro-inflammatory molecules leads to chronic inflammation. Unlike acute inflammation, which is essential for healing, chronic inflammation can delay healing and, if left unchecked, contribute to a host of diseases. There is growing evidence that some dietary factors can play important roles in maintaining health and even ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: For Better or Worse, Diet Really Makes a Difference

Hello again everyone: As you all know, inflammation causes, aggravates or perpetuates all known human illnesses or conditions. Additionally, our diet can be a tremendous source of inflammation and most all inflammation is mediated through the immune system…thus…our diet has a significant impact on our immunity against all viral or bacterial pathogens. Paying attention to what we eat is important especially in this pandemic time. Furthermore, according to this link below, certain dietary patterns are associated with milder Covid-19 infections and significantly lower risk for severe Covid (1,2). As a component of a wellness lifestyle and immune health, wise choices in our food plan can really make the difference. “Healthcare professionals eating a plant-based diet were 73% less likely to experience moderate to severe ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: Stay Vigilant with Your Adjunctive Care

Hello again everyone:  Just a quick update on some adjunctive care data because we still need to stay vigilant and protect our health using both standard medical approaches and supportive or adjunctive care. The link below (1) offers information on how both Vitamin C and Quercitin combine synergistically to improve our immune health. They even offer suggestions on what the optimal dosages are. Why is this important? This is important because we all know that the severity and susceptibility to SARS CoV-2 is directly related to our current health status. This is reflected in the data about who is getting the more serious and debilitating infections as well as who is getting ‘long haul’ symptoms, that is, those with pre-existing multiple co-morbidities are at greatest risk. One way to assist yourself and others to reduce your risks is with supplements like Vitamin C and Quercitin, ... Read more