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Covid-19 Update: Swiss Cheese Layers of Protection is Missing a Layer

Hello again:  As this pandemic rolls along and everyone gains more experience with this virus, many interesting ideas are emerging. One that makes sense is the Swiss Cheese Model of protection put forth by an Australian virologist. This is a short article that explains how no single effort is proving to be 100% effective, and thus we need multiple layers to obtain maximal protection. (1) Please quickly review this article and then proceed to the Bottom Line.  (1) Read more

Covid-19 Update: Food as Medicine is Real So Get with It Now!!

Hello again friends:  In my last blog post I went over how to de-flame with food. We all know that inflammation causes, perpetuates and aggravates every human condition or illness. And we know that a primary source of inflammation can be from food choices, more specifically processed and sugary ‘foods’. There is now adequate science demonstrating that processed food intake is harmful. (1) And in a recent blog I posted a link that revealed that along with this Covid pandemic we are fighting a pandemic of chronic disease that is responsible for the increased lethality of the pandemic, and it is largely driven by lifestyle choices. (3) What is inspiring to me is that we are starting to see the mainstream medical profession take an interest in this issue and advocating for policies that assist us out of this quagmire. (2) First of all, they actually recognize the problems that these ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: Foods, Inflammation and Health

Hello again everyone: Here is a great, quick and concise read about inflammatory foods and their possible effects on our health. As you all know, inflammation causes, perpetuates and/or aggravates every known human illness, including viral infections. The ability to respond to any bodily insult, including viral exposures or ongoing viral load/burden, can be directly impaired by chronic low grade non-purposeful inflammation. What? Ok, there are 2 types of inflammation: acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is absolutely necessary for healing and repair, if we do not go through an inflammatory phase we do not heal because inflammation is the first phase of healing. Thus, acute inflammation is purposeful and natural. Chronic inflammation is inflammation that persists beyond the healing phase or arises from gradual persistent bodily insults such as: consumption of an inflammatory ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: What to do if You Get Covid-19

Hello again: If you have been reading our blog, you should be up to date on both primary care strategies as well as adjunctive care (self-help) things you can do to keep an optimized immune system to minimize the severity and risks of any infection, including Covid-19. I am attaching a link to a 39 minute You Tube video from about 3 months ago. This video covers several things that I have not yet mentioned that can be very important to know about: air filters and thermal therapy. Most of the info on those two subjects is in the last 10 minutes and is really worth viewing, plus in the first part you can see some great data that has good and plausible application to create a comprehensive overall protocol to keep you as safe as possible during this pandemic. Lot of really great information throughout the entire video: Read more