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Covid-19 Update: Co-morbid? At Higher Risk? What About Exercise?

Hello again everyone: Hope you had a wonderful Christmas week, and now on to 2021! Because this pandemic will last for an unspecified time into the near future, we are all still at risk for contracting this virus. Authorities have stated that there is no way to stop the spread of this virus, so here is a link to help us win this fight! Read more

Covid-19 Update: Stay Fit and Reduce Risk

Hello again everyone: With all of this telecommuting, Zoom meetings and working from home, things have not gotten better for America’s waistline as well as our mental and physical health. Recent research has revealed that 73% of Americans are overweight or obese. This is really not good as the 3 biggest comorbidities are: being overweight, having insulin resistance and/or being low in Vitamin D. Now we find out working from home has some serious challenges, especially when it comes to food, not moving as much and being socially isolated. “Conclusions: The COVID-19 pandemic produced significant health effects, well beyond the virus itself. Government mandates together with fear of contracting the virus have significantly impacted lifestyle behaviors alongside declines in mental ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: What’s in The Pfizer Vaccine That Just Won FDA Approval?

Hello again everyone:  I get this question a lot, and one reason is that there is a lot of vaccine hesitancy due to the lack of transparency about the vaccine trials, how effective they are, and how safe they will be. We have had press releases, but not the actual data yet, and most experts feel that while the vaccine is ‘safe’, the true rate and various types of possible adverse reactions will not be known until it has been widely used, and this is true for virtually all vaccines and prescription medicines. For this reason and others, there is a lot of hesitancy even in the medical field, so for a proper perspective, this entire article is worth the quick read: “We are ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: Risks Go Up When Vitamin D is Down

Hello again:  As you might have previously read in my earlier blogs, or even in the media, low Vitamin D is associated with increased risk of getting the SARS CoV-2 infection as well as increased severity. Here are a couple of links about this: Read more