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Covid-19 Update: Prepare for the 2nd Wave with Probiotics

Hello Friends: As it turns out, probiotics also have an important role in maintaining immune health. When you have adequate Vitamin D and Zinc, and add some probiotics, you are building a defense that is science backed. The authors provide evidence of how probiotics, along with adequate Vitamin D and Zinc, control viral infections: The authors state: “Currently, there is no vaccine or specific drug for COVID-19. Further, the development of new antiviral presents several challenges and requires a considerable length of time and effort for drug design and validation. Therefore, exploring the repurposing, the use of natural compounds can provide alternatives and can support therapy against COVID-19.” They also state: “Currently, no research ... Read more

COVID-19 Update: Reduce Your Risk for a Possible 2nd Wave 10.19.2020

Hello friends: More and more news is coming out of the scientific and medical community about what things are risky when it comes to this pandemic. The good news is that a major one is a risk that is super simple to lower, and that is once again about Vitamin D status. The main reason that I am going over this once again is that every day I find multiple people are deficient in Vitamin D. When I run labs, it seems that 9 of 10 are low and this is truly alarming given that having adequate Vitamin D status can reduce your risk and severity of contracting Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. “Patients with "likely deficient" vitamin D status had nearly doubled risk of testing positive for COVID-19 versus those with "likely sufficient" ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: Masks: It’s Just Not That Simple

Hello everyone:  Here is some good information on a legitimately confusing subject: do masks really work at all? Turns out that the answer is yes, they are useful and a part of what we all need to do during this pandemic. A good summary of how confusing it is to pull the data ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: Food as Medicine is Fundamental

Hello again one and all: In case you are not eating as good as you might be, or should be, here is some information from Harvard University on how food can impact our immune system:  “We have known for a long time that nutrition is intricately linked to immunity and to the risk and severity of infections. Poorly nourished individuals are at a greater risk of various bacterial, viral, and other infections. Conversely, chronic or severe infections lead to nutritional disorders or ... Read more