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Covid-19 Update: Vitamin C and What To Ask For If Hospitalization Is Required

Hello again everyone: Vitamin C is becoming an integral part of the fight again this pandemic, both in prevention and treatment strategies, and thus it is important that you know that mainstream medicine is using Vitamin C in this battle. This article is about a critical case where IV Vitamin C was used successfully as a component of her care. Here are some important points from this article about Vitamin C: “Vitamin C in­fusion is not approved as a standard treatment for SARS-CoV-2 and thus was not part of the hospital's COVID-19 treatment regimen. Nevertheless, the case authors point out that for decades, vitamin C has been recognized as an essential component of immune cell function with a critical role in numerous immune system mechanisms. Vitamin C enhances neutrophil motility, phagocytosis, ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: Supportive/Adjunctive Care Is Necessary and Important

Hello again: It is widely known that we need primary medical care as a component of our lifestyle, and it is called primary care because at times it can be essential to staying alive. Plus...yup, this pandemic thing is like the Energizer Bunny…it just keeps going and going. This pandemic has brought into sharp focus the fact that those who are most at risk are those people with poor metabolic health. It is not difficult to improve your metabolic health and it is within your abilities to be stronger against this virus and all of life’s challenges. This leads us to understand that now is the time to promote health building strategies that not only improve your metabolic health, but your immune resilience as well. What does that mean? It simply means that all of our bodily systems are part of a network that relies on each and every part to function optimally. That means that the ... Read more

Covid-19 Update: Vitamin D Needs Magnesium

Hello everyone: As you have read in a previous blog, the lower your Vitamin D, the greater your risk to become infected with Covid-19 and any other virus or bacteria. Thus, not only is it important for this first wave of the pandemic, it will remain critical if we all want to slow down the possible ‘second wave’ of infections. What this means is that you should get your Vitamin D levels tested, and if your levels are not in the optimal zone of 60 – 80 ng/mL you should consider supplementation to get your levels up. What you may not know is that magnesium is essential for making Vitamin D more effective, and that taking higher dosages of Vitamin D can create a magnesium deficit. Additionally, studies have revealed that most U.S. citizens are low in both nutrients. Read more

Covid -19 Update: The Elephant Is Still In The Room

Hello everyone: What the title of this week’s newsletter is referring to is the negative impact on the immune system of having poor metabolic health. While one does not have to be obese or overweight to be metabolically unwell, it is a great example that illustrates how being overweight and/or obese induces a chronic inflammatory state that markedly impairs immune function…thus increasing susceptibility and severity of viral infections, both flu and Covid-19, as well as many other diseases. The authors define this cluster of metabolic issues: “Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a cluster of metabolic disorders that can lead to serious health conditions. Established features of MetS are visceral adiposity, insulin resistance, ... Read more

COVID-19 Update : Vitamin C and Quercetin News

Hello everyone:­­ Thanks for reading our newsletters/blogs and keeping up to date. Here is some new research that bolsters the earlier recommendations that I made several months ago. It is always useful to see how things play out over time and to check to see if things we said earlier are still accurate…and so far, what we have posted is still on point. Read more