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Diet and Death Risk

Hey everyone: Yes, you guessed it…what you eat can alter your risk for death and illness, for better or worse. Take a look at this study: The authors state: “Diet plays an ... Read more

Soy Oil May Not Be Healthy for Humans

Hello to All: Here is very interesting new research that reveals soybean oil is probably not good for us. Read more

Brain Food: Flavonols Reduce Dementia Risk

Hello again everyone: Here is some interesting information about how our dietary choices can lower our risk of Alzheimer’s by almost 50%: Wow, pretty great info and empowering!! So… where do we get dietary flavonols? Read more

Obesogens: Hidden Chemicals Making Us Fat!!

Hello again to everyone: Did you know that there is a class of chemicals called obesogens? Here is the definition: Obesogens may be functionally defined as chemicals that inappropriately alter lipid homeostasis and fat storage, change metabolic setpoints, disrupt energy balance or modify the regulation of appetite and satiety to promote fat accumulation and obesity. This includes endocrine disrupting chemicals. The following links are quick reads and both give you some idea of the most common obesogens and how to decrease your exposure: Read more