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Diet and Depression: More Links To Food and Brain Health

Hello again everyone: As science progresses, more and more studies are revealing the underlying mechanisms that either create or destroy our health. Too often, diet (as well as exercise and fitness) is ignored when someone seeks care for mental health issues. Here is a link to some important information for parents with adolescents who are experiencing mood disorders: To set the stage for their recommendations, they provided the following information: The prevalence of depression among US adolescents has increased by 30% over the last decade underscoring the importance of identifying contributing factors and developing new prevention strategies. One understudied risk factor for depression is diet. In adults, ... Read more

Intermittent Fasting

CLICK HERE TO VIEW: Intermittent-Fasting ... Read more

Sweet Is Sour for The Brain

Hello again everyone: As we start this new decade with resolutions and new hope for a healthy and safe future, it is important to realize that the quality of our future depends largely on what we do now. This is especially true of our brain health. As it turns out, things that raise our blood sugar can really destroy our brain. Take a look: The authors state: “Particular attention is directed at characterizing how normal but elevated blood glucose levels in individuals without Type 2 Diabetes contribute to neurodegenerative processes, and how the main risk factors for T2D including obesity, physical activity and diet modulate these effects.” Key Points: “Higher normal” blood glucose levels ... Read more

Is When You Eat As Important As What You Eat?

Hello Everyone: Here is an article that shows that when eating was restricted to a 10-hour window, people in a pre-diabetic state improved significantly even when they did not eat great quality of food and did not limit their calories. These authors chose people with ‘metabolic syndrome’, which is a collection of bodily malfunctions frequently seen together and include: high blood pressure; increased abdominal fat; elevated cholesterol; low levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol; high fasting blood sugar; high triglycerides. These combined risk factors are known to contribute to heart disease, diabetes, dementia and many more illnesses and conditions. When someone has 3 or more of these conditions, they are said to have ‘metabolic syndrome’. The study revealed amazing benefits from simply consuming all of their daily food in a 10-hour window. Please read this study summary: Read more

Hormone Disrupting Chemicals: They’re Everywhere and Messing Us Up!

Hello everyone: Often times people want to start the New Year off with a detox…clear out all of the debris from 2019 and move on into a healthier 2020. One component of a detox is to look at all aspects of our lifestyle and remove toxic elements. Today, I will focus on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC). These are chemicals in the environment that alter our hormonal balance, and not in a good way. Most of these come from plastics, so take a look at this new article from Medpage: Read more